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A Properness And Fixed Point Theorems For Sums Of Dissipative And Ball Condensing - [Full Version]
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A Properness And Fixed Point Theorems For Sums Of Dissipative And Ball Condensing - Full Download
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A Properness And Fixed Point Theorems For Sums Of Dissipative And Ball Condensing - [Complete Version]
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Cremins, Casey Timothy (1997) Fixed point indices and existence
EXISTENCE THEOREMS FOR SEMILINEAR EQUATIONS IN CONES ... In Chapter 2, we define a fixed point jndex for A-proper maps on cones in terms of .... a topological degree is defined: e.g. compact, contractive, condensing etc.; ... neighbourhoods of the fixed points of a continuous function onto balls in IRn, where the.
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m-dissipative operator and C : G → X is completely continuous. It is assumed .... A continuous mapping g : X ⊃ D(g) → X is called “condensing” if, for every ... We then use this result to obtain a new fixed point theorem, Corollary 1, for a ... bined with a growth condition on the sum T +C in order to produce results of the.
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Messoud A. Efendiev and Gennaro Infante - Dynamic Publishers, Inc.
which later became known as accretive, condensing and A-proper maps. ..... [23] J. R. L. Webb, Existence theorems for sums of K-ball contractions and .... [55] K. Q. Lan and J. R. L. Webb, A-properness and fixed point theorems for dissipative ...
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Some mapping theorems for accretive operators in Banach spaces
This follows easily from the weak* compactness of the closed balls in X* (cf. .... If F^(t) is the set of fixed points of U(t) in G we have n m^m^) ~^^ because {F^(t)] is ...
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New Results in the Perturbation Theory of Maximal Monotone - jstor
subset of X. The solvability of the fixed point problem (*) Tx + Cx 3 x in. D(T) n G is considered, ... m-dissipative operator and C: G -- X is completely continuous. ... accretive. We denote by Br(0) the open ball of X (or X*) with center at zero and ... one could take T to be just a continuous accretive mapping in Theorem A. This is.
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Conservative Logic 1. INTRODUCTION
In fact, this model is based on elastic collisions of identical "balls," and thus is formally ... An important role for mathematical theories of computation is to condense in their ... It is possible to construct macroscopic, dissipative physical devices which ... At this point, it is easy to see some shortcomings of the traditional approach ...
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Conservative Logic - Fab Central - MIT
elastic collisions of identical "balls" and thus is formally identical with the ... ematical theories of computation is to condense in their axioms, in a stylized ... It is possible to construct macroscopic, dissipative physical devices ... point for an exploration rather than the end of the voyage. ...... another and maintain proper timing.
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Here - School of Mathematics
Apr 2, 2010 ... Brisure de Symétrie Spontanée et Géométrie du Point de ..... interpret the Nevanlinna theorems as geometric properties of covering surfaces.
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Lev Kapitanski and Sanja Živanovič, Dynamics with a Range of
Jan 16, 2009 ... of available maps parameterized by points from the interval [0, 1] or any .... It is also possible to obtain attractors for individual fixed strategies w. One ... [In applications B is usually a closed ball of radius that depends on the ... in the case X is a Banach space, S is a sum of a compact operator and a strict.
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... parts of its structure or cofactors necessary to its proper functioning[11]. ... They typically consist of a laser focused to a point through a microscope's objective ...
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Wolff-Denjoy theorems in non-smooth convex domains Marco Abate
is holomorphic, condensing with respect to the Kuratowski measure of noncompactness and fixed-point-free, then there exists ξ ∈ ∂D such that the sequence {fn} of the iterates ... In this talk we will discuss a proper boundary Denjoy–Wolff theorem. ..... We consider semi-linear parabolic equations and semi-linear dissipative ...
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Fluid films with curvature elasticity - Hal
Jun 21, 2013 ... A and ρ0 are the values of a and ρ respectively on a fixed reference surface . ... by using Stokes' theorem in the form ... number of points where τ and ν are discontinuous; the sum ranges .... These have been characterized by BALL [27] in ..... properties that ∇φ is proper unimodular (det ∇φ = + 1) and maps ...
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Here - AMiTaNS'15
Jun 28, 2015 ... local statistical theories of dissipative processes are wrong in principal. ... Therefore, the case in point is of unprecedented situation in physics, when the ... 4) Theory of ball lightning; ... theorem. Solution of all problems given above can be found by methods of non-local ..... The cylindrical flow cases for fixed.
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Ultracold Dipolar Gases in Optical Lattices Christian Trefzger - ICFO
weakly interacting Bosons condense and form a Bose-Einstein Condensate. ( BEC). ... Currently we are studying a 2D lattice where the dipoles are free to point in both .... ground state, the sum runs over all excited states and ˆǫ is the unit vector ... detuning an optical lattice is therefore non-dissipative, which makes it a basic.
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Cybernetics - Allen Riley
cerned rather with the solar system than with the world of the fixed stars. It is the .... stream of consequents from his point of view, anteccdente from ours. ... turbulent, dissipative forces, of a character much like the forces met .... that the Newtonian physics was not the proper frame for biology ...... return the ball safely.
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