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A Numerical Scheme For Strong Blast Wave Driven By Explosion - [Full Version]
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A Numerical Scheme For Strong Blast Wave Driven By Explosion - Full Download
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Interaction of a planar shock with a blast wave - Tohoku University
Abstract. The interaction between a planar shock wave and a blast wave was in- ... When a blast wave or explosion starts ahead of the shock wave, the ... 2 Experimental and Numerical Methods ... shock tube, which has 60 mm×150 mm cross-sectional driven section [1]. To offer .... be in the case of strong shock wave. Fig.
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2.2.3 Numerical Solutions of Finite Source Explosions. 13. 2.2.4 Related ExpJosion .... method for overcoming the pressure and temperature limit' by using explosive- driven spherical ... surface, generating b_ ,xplosi ",-driven, imploding shock wave (Fig. 3b). This ... asymptotic behavior for the strong shock case. Since the ...
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Resistance of structures to explosion effects: Review - erncip-project
existing methods which can be used to analyse and test the resistance of glazing and windows under .... 2.1.1 Sources and characteristics of shock waves .
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tive shock-fitting numerical method which is formally fifth order accurate. The shock-fitting ... two-dimensional detonation wave propagating in a high explosive material which ...... H.9 Characteristics of a strong and weak eigen-detonation. ..... cal mechanisms dominating a detonation are pressure-driven waves and reaction;.
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Numerical Simulation of the Blast-Wave Accelerator
The launch tube has a liner that contains a suitable explosive or energetic material. The explosive is ... operational principle. The U.S. Army also has a strong interest in hypervelocity, high- ... Finally, Menikoff et al.12 studied a shock wave driven by a con- ..... this scheme, the integral in Eq. (5) is first approximated by.
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Explosion and Systematics for Core-Collapse Supernovae in one
the onset of the supernova explosion to the neutrino-driven wind during the neutrino-cooling phase ... This drives a shock wave into the outer core, i.e. the region of the iron .... causes a bipolar sloshing of the shock with pulsational strong expansion and contraction. .... The numerical scheme employed in PROMETHEUS.
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Spherical explosion with central energy source
Dec 22, 2015 ... We perform numerical simulations for flows with various values of parameters ... a blast wave driven by the central energy source embedded in an .... We use the Runge-Kutta method to numerically integrate these equations. ... The physical quantities satisfy the Rankine-Hugoniot relations for a strong shock.
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2D radiaition-hydrodynamic simulations of supernova shock
May 27, 2016 ... collapse supernova (CCSN) explosion, comes from gas heated by a strong shock wave propagating in the at- mosphere of the star. CCSNe .... Wheeler 2008, for review). In the standard theory of the neutrino-driven mechanism ... and the formulation of numerical schemes for radiation- hydrodynamics, it has ...
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NCAR-TN-37 Shock Waves From Line Sources. - University
and the numerical methods, for those who wish for more specific infor- mation than will be published in .... for both very strong and very weak cylindrical shock waves. ... spherical symmetry, since most explosive devices produce, to a better or worse ...... plotter driven by the computer, and are reproduced unretouched. The.
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c3027501 11111111111 - TU Delft Repositories
The interaction of a plane strong shock wave with a steady magnetic field [32] is ... Undoubtedly numerical methods could help in answering some of these ... explosive-driven implosions as drivers for shock tubes and hypervelocity projectile.
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Numerical simulation of strong blast waves in high - UQ eSpace
Dec 2, 2007 ... spectral discretization scheme to simulate strong blast waves generated in the flow. ... involve stellar explosions [9], chemical explosions [1], laser ...... tion for spherical laser–driven shock waves, Shock waves,. 8, 1998 ...
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The point explosion with heat conduction
dence on the temperature, a spherical heat wave develops with a sharp front which ... Trajectories of a shock front and a heat front driven by a strong point explosion in a ... The method of analysis is to enforce complete self-simi- larity and to solve ... for the actual numerical integration, discussed together with representative ...
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Shock Waves - An International Journal on Shock Waves
Water blast mitigation; water-sheet; explosively driven shock tube; protective water ... An explosion yielding a blast wave can cause catastrophic damage to people ... numerical simulation using Sandia's CTH hydrocode. ..... large deformation, strong shock wave, solid .... A few methods are available to increase the effective.
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International Lournal on Shock Waves, Detonations and Explosions
tions of the parameters of the converging strong shock wave generated by electrical underwater explosions of a cylindrical wire array with different ..... using a method based on the interpolation of numerical sim- ulation results which ..... Flagg, R.F., Glass, I.I.: Explosive-driven, spherical implosion waves. Phys. Fluids 11 ...
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Modelling explosive/rock interaction during presplitting - SAIMM
numerical methods. It also investigates the ... that emphasizes strong shock physics and ... ALE methods include the ability to treat shock waves in gases, liquids and ... wave up the borehole driven by the explosive gas expanding into air. The.
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On the HLLC Riemann solver for interface interaction in
However, the application of Riemann solvers to the sharp-interface method is lim- ... So far, HLLC has been used mainly for calculating the numerical flux with- ..... [ 17], a strong rarefaction wave is produced when the shock wave impinges .... Three problems on explosive driving and high-speed impact are considered.
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Neutrino-driven supernova explosions powered by - ProQuest
We have investigated the revival of a shock wave by nuclear burning reactions at the central region of ... Our numerical code is equipped with a simple nuclear reaction network ... Numerical Scheme and Results. A 15 M⊙ ... profile behind the strong shock shows hydrodynamic instability which well mixes mate- rials behind ...
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variation of shock overpressure with distance in an explosively
with shock waves produced by detonat;ing small amounts of high explosive ... method of characteristics of method 2 of driving a shock tube. ... in these analytic discussions is incomplete, numerical calculations were ... that in a conventional gas-driven shock tube. ..... shocks are strong ('Taylor's sirnil-arity solution; see Fig .
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driven shock wave position versus time from varying explosive charges. ... understanding of gram-range explosions and blast scaling has also benefited. ..... secondary explosive, which must be subjected to a strong shock wave to initiate deto- .... These tests, however, proved useful for matching numerical models of.
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Study of Impact of Blast Wave on Concrete - UT Arlington's
lead to blast waves resulting from high explosive bursts in air, causing severe structural ... as a result of the stronger reflecting shock wave. .... 3.1.1 Driver and Driven tubes. ...... velocity measurement method for non-conducting or weakly conducting dense ... [7] developed a numerical model for the penetration depths of.
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