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A note on allocating jobs to two machines - Wiley Online Library
A NQTE ON ALLOCATING JOBS TO TWO MACHINES. Michael H. Rothkopf. Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. Palo Alto, California. ABSTRACT. A recent article ...
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Multiple Machines
Multiple Machines ... Now concerned with both allocation to a machine and ordering on that machine. .... Note that LP only assigns pieces of jobs to machines.
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Strategyproof Allocation of Discrete Jobs on Multiple Machines - ICSI
Jun 8, 2014 ... Strategyproof Allocation of Discrete Jobs on Multiple Machines ..... and note that the floor function is inside the sum. This number is exactly a ...
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and iteratively allocates the next job to the machine with the least load. We note ... to two machines we see that it is no better than a 7/6-approximation algorithm.
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Technical Note—Single Machine Scheduling with Controllable
time of job i associated with the allocation of one ... Production/scheduling: deterministic sequencmg, single machine. ..... Two Single-Machine Sequencing.
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Note—On the Validity of Marginal Analysis for Allocating Servers in
Job 1 is completed after a time 4+2+6+4+8=24,job 2 after 4+5+8+3+ ... the Machine Scheduling Problem,” Operational Research Quarterly, Vol. l7 (l966), pp . .... ROLFE, A. J., “A Note on Marginal Allocation in Multiple-Server Service Systems,” ...
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Simultaneous Job Scheduling and Resource Allocation on Parallel
parallel machine problem with a prespecified assignment of jobs to machines. ... Two sets of decisions, resource allocation and job scheduling, are involved ..... We note that, in our branch and bound algorithm, branching rules (see details in.
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Multi-Resource Packing for Cluster Schedulers
ing so avoids resource fragmentation as well as over-allocation of the resources that are not ... machines to execute jobs consisting of many tasks. Jobs of many ..... Note that a task may need network and other resources at multiple machines.
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Choosy: Max-Min Fair Sharing for Datacenter Jobs with Constraints
allocation, and lets jobs achieve their fair share quickly. 1. Introduction ... requiring two tasks to be placed on two distinct machines. Placement constraints are not ..... see that this is indeed a CMMF allocation, note that it is not possible to  ...
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Parallel machine scheduling with a common server - ScienceDirect
In Section 2, we describe our notation and classification scheme, define two useful ..... Note that no more than n−1 jobs are processed on either machine in an optimal ..... Consider the allocation of jobs 1,…,3r between machines M1 and M2.
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Scheduling Parallel Jobs with Linear Speedup - Applied Mathematics
any time, and the more of that resource is allocated to a job, the smaller ... times pj, and each jobs is already assigned to one of m parallel machines. There .... complexity results, and note that NP-hardness of dedicated machine scheduling ... Finally, we briefly discuss two possible generalizations of the problem at hand,.
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Stackelberg Scheduling Strategies - Department of Computer Science
Oct 25, 2001 ... a large set of jobs to be assigned to a set of machines with ... (specifying the amount of time needed to complete a job), find the allocation of jobs to .... We note that our results give a (sharp) trade-off between the optimal assignment ..... in a two-machine example with latency functions l1(x1) = 1 and l2(x2) =.
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Scheduling problems for parallel dedicated machines under multiple
For the problem with a fixed number of machines in which a job uses at most one ... This model can be illustrated by an example of human resource allocation. ..... Note that, once a job is processed on a machine, there is no requirement that all  ...
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Windows scheduling of arbitrary-length jobs on multiple machines
1989, 1992), or the case of unit-length jobs with multiple machines (Bar-Noy and .... We note that if migrations are allowed, then for some instances the optimal ... We consider only non-preemptive schedules in which the ℓ i slots allocated to ...
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On-line Hierarchical Job Scheduling on Grids with - discopal
In this paper, we discuss a basic two layer online Grid scheduling model. At the first layer ... allocated job must be executed on the assigned machine. ..... Note that the first inequality is due to Theorem 4 in (Naroska and Schwiegelshohn 2002).
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A note on single-machine scheduling with decreasing time
In this note we consider some single-machine scheduling problems with ... sidered two-machine flow-shop scheduling with simple linear job deterioration. ..... Given a schedule p and a resource allocation u 2 eU, for each job J½jЉ, j ¼ 1 , 2, ...
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reproduction machines supervisor - State of Michigan
Employees in this job supervise lower-level Reproduction Machine Operators ... at the 9, 10 and 11 levels based on allocating standards developed by an ... NOTE: The job duties listed are typical examples of the work performed by .... demand, electronic, printing equivalent to a Reproduction Machines Operator 7 or two ...
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Scheduling identical jobs with unequal ready times on uniform
ner, if two or more jobs are ready for processing when a machine becomes ..... the allocation si and resulting sequence yi as an open node in O. Note that the set ...
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Job Scheduling in the presence of Multiple Resource Requirements *
work in scheduling multiple resources focused on coordinating the allocation of CPUs .... Instead it finds two job subsets which exactly match the machine. 3 ..... scheme used by BL increases with K. Also note that the BL heuristic effectively ...
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Unrelated parallel machine scheduling with - IBM Research
resource is allocated to a job, the smaller its processing time. The model ... We use a two-phased LP rounding technique to assign resources to jobs and .... note that NP-hardness of the problem with dedicated machines and a binary resource  ...
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