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A Model For Ion Bombardment Induced Organic Synthesis On Carbon Bearing Surfaces - [Full Version]
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A Model For Ion Bombardment Induced Organic Synthesis On Carbon Bearing Surfaces - Full Download
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A Model For Ion Bombardment Induced Organic Synthesis On Carbon Bearing Surfaces - [Complete Version]
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A Model for Ion Bombardment-Induced Organic Synthesis on
May 25, 2002 ... The role of irradiation of carbon-bearing grains by energetic particles in formation and evolution of organic matter in ... A Model for Ion Bombardment-Induced Organic Synthesis on Carbon-Bearing Surfaces in Cosmic Space.
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Laboratory Studies of the Chemistry of Transneptunian Object
Bombardment by cosmic-ray and solar wind ions alters the surfaces of ... irradiation models suggest specific timescales for reddening of TNO surfaces. Altogether .... terials and carbon-rich ice mixtures. ..... To illustrate radiation- induced changes in an organic ..... bon-bearing surface species to be converted into dark ma-.
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arXiv:1602.06945v2 [astro-ph.GA] 16 Mar 2016 - arXiv.org
Context. Methanol and formaldehyde are two simple organic molecules that are ... formaldehyde, i.e., photon-induced formation on the ice surface and .... proton bombardment and electron irradiation of H2O:CH4 ice ..... Photon-induced chemistry of pure C2H5OH ice ... Other four carbon-bearing species were formed during.
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Covalent modification of graphitic carbon substrates by non
The modification of carbon surfaces by this route is a very active field of ... approaches for covalent attachment of organic modifiers to graphitic carbons have ... A generally accepted model for the edge plane of graphitic carbon is shown in Fig. ..... films were subjected to various times of argon ion bombardment and thermal ...
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samesu - NASA Technical Reports Server
ABSTRACT. The interfacial chemistry ... of inorganic and organic reaction products, when completely ... induced reactions on 440C steel formed a debris ... to the study of small model compounds ... with the substrate bearing surface, clean or oxidized, or with neighboring .... impurities difficult to remove by ion bombardment.
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Ion irradiation induced effects on airless bodies in the Solar System
namely: sputtering, ion implantation, and chemical synthesis of molec- ular species ... and then of the color of the surfaces of the airless bodies. ... whose results, some times used as input parameters for models, allow to understand .... spectral slopes dramatically change when carbon bearing ices are irradiated in the.
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Introduction - arXiv.org
The focus is on atom addition reactions, illustrating how water, carbon dioxide and ... processes at work and are needed as input for astrochemical models, .... very first experiments showed that UV-photon induced ice chemistry can efficiently lead to ... particles, i.e., through highly charged ion and electron bombardment.
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Abstracts of Posters - Univap
observations and models". ... Surface Chemistry, Thermal programed desorption .... evolution of a complex organic molecule, from ices to asteroids .... desorption from nitrile-bearing astrophysical ice analogues studied by ..... Ice bodies are frequently bombarded by heavy ions and radiation in the interstellar medium.
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Cosmic ion bombardment of the icy moons of Jupiter
investigate the physico-chemical effects induced by fast ions irradiating ... of reactive (H+, C+, N+, O+ and S+) ions in ices and the ion irradiation induced synthesis of molecules at ... ence of carbon dioxide on the surfaces of the Galilean satellites. ... profile of its infrared bands [18], the formation of an organic crust on comets ...
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Europa's surface composition and sputter-produced ionosphere
sputtering and irradiation-induced decomposition of organics and ... [1977] and Kargel [1991], and carbon dioxide have ... volatile fragment molecules, heavy ion bombardment of organic .... bearing materials [Chrisey et al., 1988], we can infer the ejecta .... roughly consistent with recent modeling results [Ip et al., 1998;.
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Far-out surface science: radiation-induced - University of Virginia
c School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and School of Physics, Georgia Institute of ... computational modeling should be done to support the current and future space ... (PSD); Ion bombardment; Amorphous surfaces; Silicon oxides; Water; Alkali metals. 1. ..... hydrogen, helium, carbon and iron in order of decreasing flux.
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Ion irradiation of TNOs: from the fluxes measured in space to the
based on laboratory simulations that are used to model the effects of space weathering ... the fluxes of cosmic ion populations bombarding the surfaces of those objects. ... to characterize the ion induced chemistry, particularly relevant are in situ ..... carbon dioxide and suboxides, nitrogen oxides, and a number of CN bearing ...
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The Composition of Centaur 5145 Pholus - The Astrophysics
We present a five-component model for the composite spectrum Pholus does not .... weak overtone bands (of the fundamental frequencies) as nisms (UV photolysis, ion bombardment, ...... and volatile ices of and radiation to effect surface organic chemistry by solar .... of the composition of those carbon-bearing molecules. In.
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Chemical Aspects of Reactive Metal and Energetic Ion Interactions
induced by energetic ions does not produce a surface containing significant ... subsequent oxygen titration data, that there is little evidence for significant meta- carbon bond formation. Aluminum deposited on a sputtered polyimide surface shows little evidence ... we have examined various aspects of the reactive chemistry.
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Surface Analysis of Raney Nickel Alloys - ACS Publications
goal in biosynthetic and synthetic organic chemistry and continues to ... is rapidly and stereoselectively incorporated into a model ... 2) and a thermally sensitive glycosphingolipid at carbon. HOCH, ... sonically induced changes of the Raney nickel catalysts, ... simultaneous 5-keV Ar+ ion beam bombardment of the sample .
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A laboratory study of ion-induced erosion of ice-covered carbon grains
were strongly graphitized upon ion bombardment in a surface layer. ... graphite structures in many dust models (Draine & Lee 1984; Li ... the infrared spectra of CO- and CO2-bearing ices of astrophysi- ... Finally, the irradiation-induced processing of bare carbon ..... The surface chemistry model predicts that CO molecules,.
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Chemistry induced by energetic ions in water ice mixed with
We have found that 13CO2 is formed when carbon ions are implanted in ices ... Less than 20 are observed frozen on the surface ... site of star formation and complex organic molecules formed in ... If C-bearing species are present in the original mantle, ... induced by ion bombardment experiments simulating the effects.
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View PDF Version - RSC Publishing - Royal Society of Chemistry
Nov 10, 2011 ... applications in organic synthesis (175 references). 1. Introduction ... photo- induced reactions are very essential for the existence of ... carbon bonds often catalyzed by soluble palladium (Pd) complexes ..... the alumina surface using MW irradiation (Scheme 25).58 ...... When a very simple model substrate.
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Controlled synthesis of single-chirality carbon nanotubes
1) was designed and synthesized by multi-step organic synthesis ... Surface- catalysed CDH of precursors (P1) into seeds (S1) is induced by annealing at 770 K.
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Astrophysical and astrochemical insights into the origin of life
Carbon, the basis of organic chemistry and the lightest of the 'biogenic' .... and N atoms have sufficient mobility to interact on the surfaces of grains. .... by processes such as heating, UV radiation, ion bombardment and shocks. .... Figure 3 displays a hypothetical model of the basic chemical structure of carbonaceous.
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