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A Histomorphometric Comparison Of The Muscular Tissue Reactions To High Density - Full Download
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A histomorphometric comparison of the muscular tissue reactions to
A histomorphometric comparison of the muscular tissue reactions to high-density polyethylene in rats and rabbits. P. Christel) and A. Meunier. Laboratoire de ...
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Quantitative Histomorphometric Analysis of Cellular Events. C. Schiltz,1 F. Lioté,1 .... were compared using the nonparametric Mann-Whitney test. Linear correlations ..... muscular tissue reactions to high-density polyethylene in rats and rabbits.
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Analysis of biomechanical effects on bone and on the muscle-bone
Jan 4, 2001 ... standard densitometry (DEXA); bone "mass", "apparent density", geometry or ... Mechanical properties of bones and bone tissue ... High-resolution QCT ( peripheral QCT or pQCT, micro-QCT) ..... statistical significance of the inter-group differences. ..... histomorphometry, and peripheral quantitative compute-.
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Histomorphometric analysis of the response of rat skeletal muscle to
proportion of muscle cells identified as having high oxida- tive capacity (4 .... the perimisial connective tissue compared to A (modified Gomori stain) (Bars = 29 ...
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Influence of intermittent administration of parathyroid hormone on
effects of PTH treatment on muscle tissue that is functionally linked to the ..... groups, capillary density was higher compared with that in sham group. ..... human parathyroid hormone fragment (1–34) on bone histomorphometry and serum ...
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(GFAAS). Despite the higher initial nickel dissolution, NiTi induced no toxic effects, decrease in ... The general soft tissue responses to NiTi were compared to corresponding responses to StSt and Ti- ... The muscular tissue response to NiTi was ... using histomorphometry. ... Callus size and bone mineral density did not differ.
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Effects of Low-Dose Microwave on Healing of Fractures with - Plos
Sep 26, 2013 ... effects of microwave treatment on fracture with titanium alloy internal fixation ... Temperature changes of muscle tissues around implants were measured during the irradiation. Normalized radiographic density of the fracture gap was measured on .... For histomorphometric evaluations of bone, undecalcified.
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Goat Bone Tissue Engineering: Comparing an Intramuscular with a
Oct 28, 2009 ... Cell-seeded implants were compared to empty controls. ... muscular) bone formation19–21 and with a benefit in the speed of ..... implants. Histomorphometry showed a bone–scaffold contact of .... In addition, high packing density leads to a better ..... Stevenson, S. The biological and biomechanical effects of.
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Bone density in sheep: genetic variation and - Allan McRae
Sheep provide a potentially useful model for studying differences in BD, as they ... We also aimed to evaluate the relationship between fat and muscle body ... high bone mass has recently been identified [18] from a .... calculate the density and weight of each tissue from the CT ...... age-related histomorphometric changes.
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In vivo commitment and functional tissue regeneration using human
Dec 30, 2008 ... directed to form functional 3D tissue in an in vivo environment. We describe ..... In Vivo Response of C-MSCM on hESCd-MSC Chondrogenesis. To investigate .... by histomorphometry, compared with untreated defects (Fig. 6B). ... relatively high cell density resulted in a near homogeneous popu- lation of ...
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Neurofibromin (Nf1) is required for skeletal muscle development
Apr 9, 2011 ... muscle connective tissue cells exhibited increased proliferation at E14.5 and an increase in the amount of .... was reduced by .50% in mutant mice compared with .... and mutant animals using Affymetrix high-density microrrays ... Histomorphometric measurements (B) reveal an increased area of connective ...
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SauerbierTissEng2009AAMP.pdf - Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Apr 3, 2009 ... It seems appropriate as a valuable indicator of treatment response or ... bone or teeth is based on X-rays, because the tissue is dense ... The histomorphometric examination was .... In contrast to DCE-MRI, the comparison of native and past ... the muscle level later on reaching a considerable higher va-.
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to those receiving autograft. Fusion mass density and volume were higher for the Si-CaP group .... rithms were used to differentiate between bone, muscle, and the metal ... Histomorphometry ... density tissue and less low-density tissue when compared with the AG .... The integration response was equivalent to other ceramic.
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Muscle Quality in Aging: a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Muscle
suggests that the quality of muscle tissue may be more functionally .... or high- level athletic training that can interfere with the process of what ... effects on various human skeletal muscle groups [43], de- pending on .... between muscle density and strength, regardless of size ... in comparison to younger adults [113]. This may ...
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Bioptic Study of Left and Right Atrial Interstitium in Cardiac Patients
Jun 12, 2015 ... higher VEGF expression and lower microvascular density as compared to ... phology with the aim to compare tissue samples from the left and right atrium harvested dur- .... A-D: Immunohistochemical reaction shows collagen I in ..... Histomorphometry of samples from patients with atrial fibrillation and sinus.
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Osteoblast-Specific Overexpression of Human - Endocrine Society
Nov 19, 2015 ... Compared with WT mice, WNT16-TG mice exhibited significantly ... Histomorphometry data demonstrated that both ... higher expression of Alp, OC, Opg, and Opg to Rankl ratio in bone ... cantly lower cortical bone density and strength as well ... heart, and muscle tissues from both WT and TG mice, which.
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The effect of bite-blocks with and without repelling - University of
Histomorphometric evaluation was then performed on the molar roots, their ... tissue. The sutures also clearly reflected the effect of both appliances used, although more markedly ... The surface density expressing the ... by using a high- pull chincup to produce posterior ..... monkeys, these differences in response may be due.
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Combination Treatment With a Selective Androgen Receptor
Oct 13, 2008 ... Tissue selective activity of LGD-3303 was assessed in ... ventral prostate weight to >50% of eugonadal levels even at high ... LGD-3303 is a novel SARM with anabolic effects on muscle and ... positive effects on BMD, histomorphometry, and bone ..... not significantly different compared with either treat-.
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A nitric oxide synthase transgene ameliorates muscular dystrophy in
May 24, 2001 ... that has well-characterized functions in several tissues. ... pathology compared with mdx mice which contain low levels ... ated muscle fibers, and high variability in muscle fiber diam- ... NOS inhibition reversed the ameliorative effects of the ... capillary density and vascular volume fraction in soleus mus- cle.
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Aug 23, 2004 ... Chemical conjugation of high mannose oligosaccharides harboring mono- and ... livery of the enzyme to muscle tissues when compared with the ... age of onset of symptoms, extent of organ involvement, and rate of progression ... related to the low density of the cation-independent mannose. 6-phosphate ...
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