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A Grouptrust Model Based On Service Similarity Evaluation In P2p Networks - Full Download
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A GroupTrust model based on service similarity evaluation in P2P
In this paper, we propose a novel trust model, named as GroupTrust model, based on peer group and similarity evaluation in P2P networks. The model de-.
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A Novel Dynamic Trust Model for P2P NetWork - Bentham Open
Aug 11, 2015 ... Keywords: Evaluation, group, trust model, trust degree, network security. 1. INTRODUCTION. P2P service has become one of the most important appli- cations in the ... The trust systems in P2P network are based on feedback information ... similarity node definitely due to sparse property on transac- tion.
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Research of Trust Model based on Interest Group and Similarity
Jan 9, 2015 ... But experiments show that nodes usually just focus on the services they are ... Keywords: p2p, trust model, interest group, similarity recommendation, inter- group trust. 1. INTRUDUCTION. P2P (Peer to Peer) is a distributed network, in which ... so they are more active and giving accurate evaluation. Sim-.
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A Dynamic Trust Computation Model for Secured Communication in
network applications such as pervasive computing, grid computing and P2P networks can be ... Many trust/reputation models have done so, but they fail to properly evaluate trust when malicious .... trust of an agent such as satisfaction, similarity, feedback .... satisfaction agent p has upon agent q based on its service up.
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Accepted Version (PDF 288kB) - QUT ePrints
survey on the relationship between trust and interest similarity. Our result supports the assumed hypothesis of positive ... the case of recommendations based upon opinions from ... user faces the problem of evaluating trust in a service ..... Local group trust metrics ... proposed trust model for P2P networks in which the trust.
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a distributed trust management framework for detecting - arXiv.org
Innovation Lab, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., .... depends on a trust model that is based on the reputation of different nodes. .... middleware for ad hoc, peer-to- peer networks based on reputation of the ... and defend trust evaluation system against malicious attacks [21]. .... The accused node calculates the group's trust.
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A Understanding Graph-based Trust Evaluation - Temple University
Feb 19, 2016 ... In this paper, we focus on graph-based trust evaluation models in .... systems [ Pinyol and Sabater-Mir 2013], and P2P network- .... or a service provider. ... This type of trust model is called the group trust metric [Levien 2003]. ... The essence of this approach is to explore the similarity between graph-based.
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Operators for Propagating Trust and their Evaluation in Social
The relationship in question could be based on or arise from a commercial .... Building on the above model of a social network as a graph, we propose a model  ...
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A survey of trust in social networks - People at VT Computer Science
trust types, properties, and measurement models from the perspective of different ... social-network-based methods of evaluating trust: community-based ... Web sites, and semantic Web data), services (in P2P networks and Web ..... which similarity induces homophily, the sources of homophily, that is, social structures.
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Machine to Machine Trust in the IoT Era - Georgia Tech
Our machine-to-machine trust model, called M2MTrust, introduces two novel trust metrics: (1) pairwise similarity based feedback .... evaluations of our proposed M2MTrust in terms of its effectiveness and ... network G. When an entity receives several responses for its service request, it may ...... management in p2p networks.
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Building trust in peer-to-peer systems - CiteSeerX
Keywords: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems; trust; reputation-based trust schemes; ... attacks, for example, the Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks. ..... Research on how to evaluate the truth in open networks ... complaints are the only behavioural data used in the model, ..... similarity between the chaos of a P2P system and the.
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A game theory-based trust measurement model for social networks
networks. The trust degree is calculated from three aspects, service reliability, feedback .... P2P trust model based on the time-window feedback mechanism. ... In social networks, some feedback nodes may evaluate some trust nodes maliciously ... The feedback effectiveness of node j can be derived through a similarity.
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Trust beyond reputation: A computational trust model based on
d-StereoTrust, the dichotomy based enhanced model using historical informa- tion (Section 5). We also ... EigenTrust [17] is a reputation system developed for P2P networks. Its de- ... In Eigen Group trust, all the transactions rely on the group .... transactions between service provision agent ay and service consumption agent.
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Attack Resistant Trust Metrics - Raph Levien
a quantitative framework for evaluating the attack resistance of trust metrics, and give ... world deployment of a group trust metric, the Advogato website. ... denial of service attacks, cracking, and a host of other ills far too familiar to legitimate ... These assumptions closely parallel the philosophy of peer to peer networks[26].
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Applying trust metrics based on user interactions to recommendation
To evaluate recommendations we propose an architecture for ... compute similarities to use in a content-based recommendation of tweets. II. RELATED ... interactions (e.g. a file download from a node) in a peer-to-peer network. ... its propagation is computed using a network flow model. The ... is also a group trust metric.
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A Survey of Trust in Computer Science and the Semantic Web
Mar 15, 2007 ... To appear in Journal of Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents ... These trust judgements are made by humans based on ... Many have recognized the value of modeling and reasoning about ..... reputation information with peers in a peer-to-peer network. ..... even to bootstrap other trust evaluations.
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A survey of trust in computer science and the Semantic Web
networks, reliability in distributed systems, game theory and agent systems ... Many have recognized the value of modeling and reason- ... “Trust of a party A to a party B for a service X is the measur- ... in reputation-based trust uses the history of an entity's ... Trust in P2P networks and grids ..... The transfer is evaluated con-.
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Incorporating Evidence into Trust Propagation Models Using Markov
To allow comparative evaluation, a state-of-the-art local trust ... a result, users of these services are constantly faced with questions of how much they ... in computing user similarity [8]. Finally, trust ... themselves are scalar or group trust metrics. In group trust ... designed a Bayesian Network-based trust model for P2P . [3].
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07_chapter 2.pdf - Shodhganga
P2P network architectures and various topologies along with the review of .... bad service provider through the computed trust or reputation values. ... Reputation based models are used in detecting and punishing malicious .... H-Index based group trust rating ..... tool for performance evaluation of P2P overlay networks.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
namely trust networks and taxonomy-based profile generation. ... and performance evaluations are conducted at all stages. ... ability via ontologies or common content models must be established. ... ized systems, among those peer -to-peer networks, open marketplaces and ... Note that user similarity assessment , which is.
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