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A Fuzzy Congestion Controller To Detect And Balance Congestion In Wsn - [Full Version]
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A Fuzzy Congestion Controller To Detect And Balance Congestion In Wsn - Full Download
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A Fuzzy Congestion Controller To Detect And Balance Congestion In Wsn - [Complete Version]
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a fuzzy-based congestion controller for control and balance - AIRCC
logic based mechanism to detect and control congestion in WSN. In the proposed ... Fuzzy Logic, Wireless Sensor Network, Congestion Control, Packet Lost. 1.
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a fuzzy approach to detect and control congestion in wireless sensor
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN's), congestion plays an important role in ... routing algorithm with Time Slice load balancing congestion control scheme.
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An Efficient Fuzzy based Congestion Control Technique for Wireless
parameters for congestion detection. The fuzzy table accepts ... Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Congestion Control. Technique, Node .... So, a fuzzy logic based congestion control algorithm is desirable for the ... presence of load balancing.
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Congestion-Aware Routing and Fuzzy-based Rate Controller for
Wireless sensor networks, congestion control, fuzzy logic, greedy routing .... Once the congestion is detected, nodes inform their upstream neigh- bors via a ... loading to provide a balance between optimal paths and pos- sible congestion on ...
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A Multipath Energy Efficient Congestion Control Scheme for
for congestion control in wireless sensor networks are presented. A very few works have been done, taken in to account of both congestion detection and congestion control. In most of the .... Additionally each node applies fuzzy control and probabilistic load balancing to avoid creating congestion or hot spots. Since.
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A Survey on Congestion Control at Transport Layer in Wireless
including artificial intelligence based techniques e.g. fuzzy logic as well as neural network ... Wireless Sensor Network; Congestion Control Protocols; Reliability Protocols; .... Different parameters are considered for detecting the congestion by different protocols. .... It uses load balancing technique during low congestion.
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Performance evaluation of fuzzy and BPN based congestion
In this paper, soft computing based congestion control technique is ... Keywords —Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Congestion, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Neural Network. ... On detecting congestion, the network is said to enter into unstable state. ..... Congestion Control and Load Balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks”,.
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Fuzzy logic based congestion control in wireless multimedia sensor
Jul 2, 2014 ... Keywords –Wireless Sensor Network, Congestion, Fuzzy ... congestion control method is developed to detect congestion in each node by .... “Hop-by-Hop Congestion Control and Lad Balancing in Wireless Sensor Neyworks”,.
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A Genetic Algorithm Inspired Load Balancing - MECS Publisher
A Genetic Algorithm Inspired Load Balancing Protocol for Congestion Control in. Wireless Sensor Networks using Trust Based Routing Framework (GACCTR).
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Fulltext - Jultika
Keywords: wireless sensor networks, congestion detection and control, resource .... congestion control protocol based on trustworthiness using fuzzy logic ...... source sending rate control and multipath loading balancing which can adjust the .
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COCM: Class Based Optimized Congestion Management Protocol
Jul 11, 2013 ... Protocol for Healthcare Wireless Sensor Networks. Abbas Ali Rezaee1 .... When congestion is detected, transport protocols notify ... Fuzzy congestion controller for wireless sensor net- ..... If we can keep better balance in the.
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Priority Based Congestion Control Dynamic Clustering Protocol in
Sep 13, 2015 ... research efforts carried out to control congestion in WSN. Several works related to ... This altering routing protocol also provides load balancing.
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A Game Theory Based Congestion Control Protocol for Wireless
Jul 27, 2015 ... In WSNs, congestion control [4] contains congestion detection and congestion ... balancing scheme called CONSEQ in WSNs. It uses special.
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Congestion Prediction and Adaptive Rate Adjustment - IJORCS
congestion level using fuzzy logic system. Node degree, data arrival ... to the fuzzy system and congestion level is obtained as an outcome. .... congestion control protocol for WSNs, called Priority ... WSNs. Their method develops a new metrics to detect congestion in ..... “Hop-by-Hop Congestion Control and Load Balancing.
[ Vol3-Issue-4-01-congestion-predictiona-and-adaptive-rate-adjustment-technique-for-wireless-sensor-networks.pdf - Read/Download File

07_chapter 2.pdf - Shodhganga
With respect to the performance of wireless sensor networks, the data transmission .... EQSR) that maximizes the network lifetime through balancing energy consumption ... event detection with minimum energy expenditure and congestion resolution. Fuzzy logic based management and control has been studied in the past ...
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Hop-by-Hop Rate Control Technique for Congestion Due to
We have proposed an efficient protocol to detect and control congestion in a MAC. The level ... Keywords- Wireless Sensor Networks; Depth of Congestion ( DC); Congestion Detection; Congestion Control. ... ensure effective load balancing and fairness in the avoidance .... HRCT will be implemented using Fuzzy Controller.
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Priority Based Congestion Control Protocol and Fair Rate - ijesrt
Keywords: Congestion control, Wireless sensor network, Faire rate allocation, Priority based. Introduction. Wireless .... congestion occur. For fairness and flow balancing, ... the congestion detection is performed using fuzzy logic technique.
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Full Text - Life Science Journal
A Fuzzy Energy Management Approach for Multimedia Traffic in WSN. Sakthidharan G R1 and Dr.S.Chitra2 ... sense of balance amid end-to-end performance and .... control scheme called CODA (COngestion Detection and Avoidance) for ...
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Internet of Things: Wireless Sensor Networks - IEC
Jul 31, 2014 ... each node is equipped with a sensor to detect physical phenomena such ... Wireless Sensor Networks project team, in the IEC. Market Strategy ...
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vehicular ad hoc and sensor networks; principles and - arXiv.org
The rapid increase of vehicular traffic and congestion on the highways began ... Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET), ... data packet (i.e. detection of an accident) which should be forwarded to the .... control. (2) The communication between the vehicles is prone to frequent fragmentation.
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Proportional throughput differentiation with cognitive load-control on
congestion in WSNs as well as previous work on pro- portional .... Fuzzy logic controllers are also used in several other ... 3.2 Load control in collision detect networks ...... delay-aware, and lifetime-balancing data collection protocol for wireless.
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Implementation and Comparison of the Improved Traffic Congestion
presents a congestion control system, which uses sensors installed on the road side units to ... 1.1Intelligent Transportation System (ITS): Wireless Sensor Networks is an ad-hoc Network . ... condition, pedestrian detection, collision occurrence etc. and can also be used to .... Fuzzy logic based approach is also used for the.
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Network Topologies in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review - iject
WSN into network based on Topologies i.e. Bus, Tree, Star, Ring,. Mesh, Circular, Grid ... systems, earthquake detection, environment monitoring, military applications ... medium access control (MAC) protocol plays an essential role in. WSN. As stated .... terms of path, node failure, load balance, congestion in path of packets ...
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Wireless Sensor Networks to Improve Road Monitoring - InTech
The role of fuzzy logic controller is useful in terms of network load and power .... A wireless sensor network is able to detect vehicular flow, speed and ... and temporal resolutions, providing a possible solution to traffic congestion. ...... [18] Huang, Qigfeng, Ying, Zhang, "Dynamic balancing of push and pull in a distributed.
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