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A Fast Wideband Analysis Of Radiation And Scattering Problems By Impedance Matrix - [Full Version]
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A Fast Wideband Analysis Of Radiation And Scattering Problems By Impedance Matrix - Full Download
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A Fast Wideband Analysis Of Radiation And Scattering Problems By Impedance Matrix - [Complete Version]
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for analysis of scattering from microstrip antennas over a wide band is introduced in this ... impedance matrix localization (IML) [4], the conjugate-gradient fast ... FMM is adopted to analyze radiation from microstrip antennas with the aid of the .... this problem, the characteristic basis function method [12] is proposed. To derive ...
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Sep 28, 2010 ... integral equation (VSIE) and the impedance matrix interpolation technique is ... Other parameters of interests in radiation problems such as the input ... we will not use the PMCHWT method for wideband microstrip antenna analysis, ... scattered field in the dielectric volume due to the sources. ⇀. Jα, α = S, V .
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Algorithms in FastImp: A fast and wideband impedance extraction
FastImp, a program for accurate analysis of wide-band electro- magnetic effects ... the radiation and scattering problems [8]–[11] as well as eddy current problems ... it is also shown that the condition number of the system matrix could be very.
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Efficient Techniques for Wideband Impedance Extraction of - MIT
Aug 18, 2002 ... compute the impedance matrix in nearly order n time and memory, where n is the number of ..... fast integral equation solver that solves Maxwell's equations in general 3D ... The formulation should be capable of wideband analysis and .... commonly used in solving scattering and radiation problems.
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Fast and accurate frequency‐sweep calculations using
problem suffered by both the electric-field integral equation and the ... For the analysis of antennas, espe- cially wideband antennas, one has to calculate the ... Kottapalli et al., 1991] and impedance matrix inter- ... netic scattering and radiation by conducting and di- ... fast and accurate frequency-sweep calculations of.
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Wideband Characteristic Basis Functions in Radiation Problems
method has been proposed, leading towards fast frequency sweep analysis [3] – [5]. ... tion or scattering problem using integral-equation/method- of-moments (IE/ MoM) ... where Z is the moment (impedance) matrix, I is the vector of unknown ...
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Wideband analysis of planar scalable antennas and PEC bodies
Mar 23, 2016 ... The reduced impedance matrices generated at lower frequencies are ... is used for the solution of electromagnetic scattering or radiation problems is the ... using either the conventional CBFM or other fast solution methods ...
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Wide-band electromagnetic scattering from a dielectric bor buried in
wide-band scattering from a model plastic mine, buried in soil, with the soil covered .... For the wide- band problem of interest here, the frequency-domain analysis ... was shown that the discrete complex image technique is well suited for fast ... Therefore once the impedance matrices have been calculated, the scattering for ...
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Efficient Integral Equation Based Solvers for Modelling Antennas
this problem through three ways: (1) fast full-wave simulation code development ... impedance matrix, and the PO contribution is considered as .... [3] X. C. Wei and E. P. Li, “Wide-band EMC analysis of on platform ... volume-surface integral equation solver for scattering from composite ... radiation problems,” Radio Sci., vol.
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Efficient Wide-Band Analysis for 3-D Inhomogeneous Dielectric
(VIE), Wide-band scattering. I. Introduction ... robustness on the analysis of radiation and scattering of differ- ... Another known problem in conventional wide- band anal- ysis is the repeated ... In recent years, many fast sweep frequency algorithms have been put ... derivatives of the dense impedance matrix which will greatly.
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Numerical Methods in FEKO - Altair
Method of moments (MoM) - Ideal for radiation and coupling analysis. ... optics ( RL-GO) - Ideal for dielectric or metal, electrically very large scattering analysis. ... (to store the impedance matrix) and N3 in CPU time (to solve the linear set of ... It is also a highly efficient solution for wideband problems, and is well suited to.
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A fast algorithm for multiscale electromagnetic problems using
Feb 18, 2012 ... (EM) scattering and radiation problems have attained a lot of interest for decades. Typical applications include radar cross section (RCS) estimation, antenna analysis and design, ... the integral equation, an N б N dense impedance matrix is ... conduct wide-band calculations, or partly over-meshed to.
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Efficient Analysis of Surface-Wire Configurations Using AIM and
nique is applied to analyze the electromagnetic problems of surface-wire ... the generation of the impedance matrix and its derivatives. Compared with ... nal expansion method is extended to wideband EM properties accurate ... matrix. For the radiation problem, ..... waveform evaluation technique in fast analysis of the three.
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Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Diagonal form fast multipole
FMBEM, and radiation of a 2D vibration rail mode is simulated using the FMBEM. Key words. 2D acoustic wave problem, Helmholtz equation, fast multipole method, ... Therefore, the size of the memory for storing coefficient matrix generated by BEM ... singular formulation for the Helmholtz equation in 2D scattering problem.
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A new hybrid method for the analysis of surrounded antennas - Hal
May 5, 2014 ... analysis of wide-band surrounded antennas mounted on elec- trically large platforms is ... EM analysis of modern antenna-on-platform problems is ... methods, among which the Multi-Level Fast Multipole Method. (MLFMM) is ...... generalized scattering matrix for installed performance of antennas on aircraft ...
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A fast frequency-domain eigenvalue-based approach to full-wave
and fast approach to the full-wave modeling of 3-D on-chip inter- connect ... propagation problem is represented as a generalized eigenvalue ... magnetic ( EM) analysis in high-frequency on-chip interconnect ... dense matrices, a direct solver would require ..... of-moment and finite-element solution of scattering, radiation,.
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Wideband Multiport Matching Phase I: Single-Feed Multiport Antennas
Impedance matching is a canonical problem in electrical engineering. The ..... Figure 4 illustrates the cascade of a 2-port with scattering matrix ... neering tool for the design and analysis of wire antennas. .... L SL is called the dissipation matrix [10] or the radiation ma- ..... A fast and generalized antenna code is critical to the.
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Analysis and Characterization of Finite-size Curved - [email protected]
Feb 15, 2015 ... The literature on the problem of characterizing finite-size and curved .... approach to provide a fast design of a low-RCS antenna, avoiding ... were proposed for the integration of dual/wide band FSS for .... the scattering and impedance properties of periodic structures: 1. ..... compression of the MoM matrix,.
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Guest Editorial Theory and Applications of - IEEE Xplore
applications of TCM, and since then a trend of fast-growing ... the MoM impedance matrix of the symmetric PMCHWT ... bound of the modal radiation efficiency is derived from the ... This problem is addressed by Schab et al. ... ultra- wideband multi-element antenna for massive MIMO ... B. Antenna and Scattering Analysis.
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Lokal fulltext
Analysis of Large Microstrip-Fed. Tapered Slot ... structure, while the wideband microstrip feeds are separately modeled using ..... The antenna impedance matrix of a large antenna array ... algorithm, which is used for the fast construction of off- diagonal ..... electromagnetic radiation and scattering problems,” IEEE Trans. on.
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