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A bytecode set for adaptive optimizations - ESUG
Aug 5, 2014 ... to design a bytecode set for adaptive optimizations. After describing how the current bytecode is used in our virtual machine and Smalltalk ...
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Adaptive Optimization in the Jalape ˜no JVM - CiteSeerX
Jalapexno Adaptive Optimization System, a system to sup- port leading-edge virtual machine ... with a fixed set of optimizations the first time it was in- voked. These virtual ... Thebaselinecompiler translates bytecodes directly into native code by ...
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The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Adaptive Code
From our empirical evaluation of these alternatives, we identify a set of strategies ..... Method. Bytecode. Classloader. Fast. Compiler compiled. Code. Optimizing.
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Improving Mobile Program Performance - UCSB Computer Science
Java bytecode offers a compact representation and ease of interpretation (fast- compilation); ... The Internet is a constantly changing set of high-performance computational, ... Fast-compilation is vital for effective adaptive optimization of mobile ...
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A Simplified Java Bytecode Compilation System for Resource
Oct 3, 2007 ... just-in-time(JIT) compilation and/or adaptive optimization (AO) may not be .... VM configuration (denoted as baseline VM), on a set of.
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Adaptive Optimization in the Jalape ˜no JVM - Complang
with a fixed set of optimizations the first time it was in- voked. These virtual machines ... The baseline compiler translates bytecodes directly into native code by ...
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1 Introduction - McGill School Of Computer Science - McGill University
mentation (interpreter, JIT, adaptive), or it could be used as the input to a ... the optimized bytecode. secondly, many different compilers for a variety of lan- ... files using method inlining and a set of simple intraprocedural optimizations.
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Optimizing a Rule Engine using Adaptive Programming Techniques
Adaptive Programming, Rule Engine, Rule Execution Algorithm,. Optimization, Bytecode, Bytecode Generation, Introspection. 1. INTRODUCTION. A rule ... If we reduce the requirements set on the rule engine, and this makes sense for some ...
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Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Adaptive Recompilation
The adaptive optimization system drives recompilation decisions based on ... construct a method, in bytecode, that sets up the new stack frame and continues ...
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The Jalapeño Dynamic Optimizing Compiler for Java - The Stanford
preter and a JIT compiler as in other JVMs, bytecodes are always translated to .... The Jalapeño Optimizing Compiler is adaptive and dynamic. It is invoked on an .... tion sets, a data dependence graph, or an encoding of the procedure's loop ...
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We present SOOT, a framework for optimizing Java bytecode. ..... Adaptive Engine ... SOOT[22] framework provides a set of intermediate representations and a ...
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Mitigating the Compiler Optimization Phase-Ordering Problem using
Apr 14, 2012 ... same set of optimization in a fixed order to all functions in a program ..... dynamic compiler takes to compile the code from bytecodes to machine code .... adaptive mode in Jikes RVM to optimize each benchmark in the test set.
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Virtual-Machine Abstraction and Optimization - SBA Research
correspondence between bytecode and native machine code, the basic assumption of ... implementers, which can select a set of suitable optimization techniques for their ..... [11] Hölzle, U., “Adaptive Optimization for SELF: Reconciling High ...
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Dynamic Native Optimization of Interpreters - MIT Computer Science
interpreter consists of a loop that fetches the next bytecode, dis- ... a dynamic optimization system called DynamoRIO, jointly devel- oped at .... call set trace constant stack address(&pc, pc) is just ..... uses a similar adaptive optimization scheme.
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A Framework for Optimistic Program Optimization - NYU Computer
7.2.3 The Soot bytecode optimization and annotation framework . 98 ... 3.2 Timeline for typical application execution in an adaptive system . . 22 .... results through Java class files; a set of modifications to the Jikes source-to-bytecode compiler ...
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Bytecode Monitoring of Java Programs Author: Peter Wong
2.2 Java's Virtual Machine, Instruction Set and Assembler. 15 ...... Adaptive optimisation solves the problems of JIT compilation by taking advantage of an.
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Dynamic Path Profile Aided Recompilation in a JAVA Just-In - Pages
which translates Java's bytecode methods into native code prior to execution, ... Programs typically spend most of their time in a small set of paths and .... In the adaptive version of LaTTe, methods are selected for optimizations based.
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Practical Validation of Bytecode to Bytecode JIT Compiler Dynamic
dynamic deoptimization for a given set of bytecode compiled methods. ..... team was enhancing a baseline JIT compiler with adaptive optimizations. To support ...
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A Framework for Reducing the Cost of Instrumented Code - People
tation difficult to perform at runtime in an adaptive system. ... This selec- tive optimization approach avoids the overhead of optimiz- ..... caller method, the callee method, and the call-site within the caller method (specified by a bytecode off- set).
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Download PDF - Microsoft
instruction set of the virtual machine (vm) to the instruction set of a physical machine. In a modern vm it ..... In particular the implementation of a program may exist in both bytecode and native forms. .... Adaptive optimization identifies frequently ...
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Slides - Marcus Denker
Just-In-Time. – Optimizing method lookup ... VM has an instruction set. (virtual ISA). – Stack machine. – Bytecode ..... "Adaptive Optimization for Self: Reconciling.
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platform portability through dynamic optimization ... adaptive controller detects hot code and steers recompilation ... set of optimizations and value parameters ... controller optimized method optimized methods. O0. O1. O2 bytecode. 12/22.
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JVM-Hosted Languages - School of Computing Science - University
security, and adaptive optimizations that improve the performance of applications . ... Instruction-level analysis shows that bytecode compiled from non-Java languages ... ming language's library and dynamic analysis of a set of bench- marks.
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Online Performance Auditing: Using Hot Optimizations Without
to improve performance on average over a set of programs, even if a small performance ..... Bytecodes. Hot ..... 6.1 Adaptive Optimization in Virtual Machines .
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JikesNODE and PearColator: A Jikes RVM Operating System and
not its intended Java bytecodes, but instead PowerPC binaries. ... Adaptive Optimization System. Memory ... bottom the underlying hardware and instruction set.
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OCamlJIT 2.0 - Faster Objective Caml - arXiv.org
The optimizing native code compiler ocamlopt produces fast machine code for the supported ... a set of *.ml or *.mli source or *.cmi or *.cmo byte-code object files2 and produces a byte-code object file ...... A Survey of Adaptive. Optimization in ...
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VMs I Have Known and/or Loved - Dynamic Languages Symposium
Mushroom project. (Smalltalk machine). Optimizing. ST80 compiler. Adaptive .... Main Lesson: Bytecode interpretation is slow. ▫Simple .... Minimalist bytecode set.
[ Wolczko_2013_VMsIHaveKnownAndOrLoved_Dls.pdf - Read/Download File

Trace Fragment Selection within Method-based JVMs - University of
Mar 7, 2008 ... trace profiling subsystem to identify an application's working set as a collection ... one of dynamic and adaptive optimization: patterns of execution are profiled ... mixed mode, meaning that a method's bytecode is initially exe-.
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Compiling Scheme to JVM bytecode - CiteSeerX
bytecode generator to the optimizing Scheme-to-C compiler. Bigloo. ... a large set of libraries and features: widget libraries, ...... Adaptive Optimization for Self:.
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