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Bose-Einstein Condensation: An Introduction - Département de
Bose-Einstein Condensation: An Introduction. C. Cohen-Tannoudji. Abstract. The goal of this first lecture is to introduce the notion of Bose-Einstein condensation ...
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Since an atomic Bose–Einstein condensate, predicted by Einstein in 1925, was ... This book provides a unified introduction to the physics of ultracold atomic. Bose and ...... This brief account of the rich variety of contexts in which the physics of.
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The First Experiments with Bose-Einstein Condensation of 87Rb - JILA
Eric Cornell. Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) is the macroscopic occupation of ...... present a brief history of BEC, particularly as it relates to systems of atomic.
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Bose-Einstein Condensation in Cold Atoms: a New State of Matter
INTRODUCTION. The timeline of Bose-Einstein condensation nearly cov- ers the past 100 years, from the ... A BRIEF HISTORY. In 1924 Sateyndra Nath Bose ...
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Introduction to Bose-Einstein condensation - Shodhganga
Introduction to Bose-Einstein condensation ... this can lead to the phenomenon of Bose-Einstein condensation in which there is a ...... 1.5 Brief History of Soliton.
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Bose–Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases - Library of Congress
Pethick, Christopher. Bose–Einstein condensation in dilute gases / C. J. Pethick, H. Smith. ... Introduction. 1 ..... plays a central role in the description of quantum systems. .... This brief account of the rich variety of contexts in which the physics of.
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Experimental studies of Bose-Einstein condensation - OSA Publishing
"Bose-Einstein condensation in a gas of sodium atoms", Phys. Rev. Lett. .... which led to BEC, and for an overview of the techniques used to realize BEC.
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Bose-Einstein condensation in atomic hydrogen - MIT
Keywords: spin-polarized hydrogen; Bose-Einstein condensation; two-photon spectroscopy; cold collision frequency shift. 1. Introduction. When our MIT group ...
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A theoretical analysis of Bose-Einstein condensate based
A theoretical analysis of Bose-Einstein condensate based ... 1.2 History of Bose- Einstein condensation . ..... The remainder of this chapter is a brief history of.
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Making, probing and understanding Bose-Einstein condensates
The realization of Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in dilute atomic gases [1, 2, 3, 4, .... length scales simplifies the description of these quantum fluids.
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Probing Coherence During Bose-Einstein Condensation
Einstein condensates (BEC) and atom lasers, made possible by a newly ..... In the following chapter, a brief introduction to the physics of Bose-Einstein ...
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Bose – Einstein condensate manipulation and interferometry
A brief overview of the statistical and quantum mechanics used to describe the ... formed by releasing two Bose-Einstein condensates from traps generated by ...
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A buffer-gas cooled Bose-Einstein condensate - Harvard University
We report the creation of a Bose-Einstein condensate using buffer-gas ...... This chapter provides a brief overview of these past experiments to motivate the.
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Collective Rayleigh scattering in a Bose Einstein condensate
Bose Einstein condensates of 87Rb are produced by evaporatively cooling atoms ..... 8 presents a brief summary of the thesis and an outlook for the experiment.
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Bose-Einstein Condensation - Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham
to note that Bose-Einstein condensation is not limited to cold atoms, as we will see it ... Here we present a brief overview of the important results from quantum ...
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Coherent Spin Dynamics of a Spin-1 Bose-Einstein Condensate
INTRODUCTION . ... 1.1 A Brief Review of Bose-Einstein Condensation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1. 1.2 Spinor ..... 6.2 Bose-Einstein condensation of spin-1 condensate.
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Quantum Computation with Bose-Einstein Condensates
1 Introduction. 1. 2 Brief introduction to quantum computation .... interacting Bose- Einstein condensate reviewing some work done in reference. [18]. We discuss ...
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First Steps toward Precision Measurements using Multicomponent
Bose-Einstein condensates of 87Rb to precision metrology are discussed. The building ... vii. 1 Introduction. 1. 1.0.1 A Brief History of the Experiment .
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Stochastic Optimization of Bose-Einstein Condensation - InTech
Feb 28, 2011 ... Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) of ultracold atomic gases ... This section will give a brief introduction to experiments with ultracold atoms.
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Stern-Gerlach experiments with Bose-Einstein condensates and the
time, the history of Bose-Einstein condensation, or BEC, began with the .... Here we give a brief overview over the theoretical and historical background of laser.
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