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Zhai D, Xu J, Dai Z, Cannon C, Grumbine RE. 2013. Increasing tree
De-Li Zhai · Jian-Chu Xu · Zhi-Cong Dai ·. Charles H. ... impacts on natural tropical forests. GIS and ... still suffer from deforestation and plantation expansion (Li et al. ..... 3d). The appearance of pulp plantations between 1995 and 2005 did not displace ..... Hao Q, Liu Q, Zhong Q, Xin K (2009) 5 years vegetation restoration.
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Human impacts on genetic diversity and diff in Madhuca hainanensis
Zhi-Cong Dai a, Chun-Can Si a, De-Li Zhai b,c, Ping Huang a, Shan-Shan Qi a,. Qiong-Xin Zhong d, Xu Hu e, Hua-Ming Li a,*, Dao-Lin Du a,d,f,* ... deforestation and degradation (Zhang et al., 2010; Shi et al., 2011; Zhai et al., 2012). ... among populations, (3) the influence of human disturbance on genetic diversity, and (4)  ...
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The effect of land use changes on soil conditions in arid region
Dec 15, 1999 ... You're seeing our new article page and we'd like your opinion, send ... September 2000 , Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 226–230 ... It reflects the effect of soil erosion on land productivity. ... FAN Zi-li, 1996. ... Amazonian deforestation and climate change[J]. ... ZHANG Xin-bao, HIGGITT D L, WALLING D E, 1990.
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Zhai et al 2012.pdf
d Environmental Science Institute of Hainan, Haikou, China e School of ... Deforestation can alter whole ecosystems, affect disease trans- mission (Taylor, 1997 ...
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Impact of anthropogenic and natural environmental changes on
Jul 24, 2012 ... deforestation and modified agricultural practices. In turn, this has ... people with echinococcosis in China [2,3] and the disease burden in ...
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Abundance and Diversity of Soybean-Nodulating Rhizobia in Black
Apr 7, 2014 ... To investigate the effects of land use and crop management on ... III. Fertilization decreased the rhizobial diversity indexes but did not ..... son index (D) and the Pielou index (J), showing the species ..... to the effects of deforestation on native Bradyrhizobium commu- ..... Hou XY, Han XZ, Li HB, Xing BS.
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PDF (478.9KB) - Wiley Online Library
De-Xin Guan,1 Ye Zhong,1 Chang-Jie Jin,1 An-Zhi Wang,1 Jia-Bing Wu,1 ... Nobre, 1997], temperate deforestation [Bonan et al., 1992], ... [5] Although the effects of windbreak or shelterbelt net- ... A value of d = 3 mm was assumed for.
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pnas10746toc 3..9
Nov 16, 2010 ... 107 u no. 46 u iii–ix ... 19639 Policies for reduced deforestation and their impact ... D. Murdiyarso, K. Hergoualc'h, and L. V. Verchot.
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Grain-for-green policy and its impacts on grain - Auburn University
might not have a major impact on China's future grain supply and the world grain .... 3). Except for Xinjiang and Tibet in west China, the cultivated sloping land ... from deforestation and grassland degradation, has .... Min(Ale25-D* required land per capita in A*), B*), C*), Ale15-25) ..... Quanguo ji quyu xing renjun gengdi.
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Mosquito Surveillance Revealed Lagged Effects of Mosquito - Plos
Nov 13, 2014 ... Figure 3. Monthly mosquito abundance and MBDs incidence rates. ... total mosquito abundance and DF incidence rates; (d) An. sinensis abundance and malaria incidence rates. ..... Zhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi=Zhonghua .... under climate change: case studies from the effects of deforestation in East.
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Urbanization Increases Aedes albopictus Larval Habitats and - Plos
Nov 13, 2014 ... urbanization may directly and/or indirectly affect the ecology of ..... but the difference in 3–4 instar larvae density between urban and ..... C and D: development time; C: natural habitat; D: food supplement. .... Zhonghua liu xing bing ... under climate change: case studies from the effects of deforestation in East ...
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Sensitivity of stand transpiration to wind velocity in a mixed
However, the observed U–D relationship and its effect on Rstom must ..... 3. The relationship between wind velocity and total resistance. Solid lines represent significant ..... from tropical deforestation. .... Lei, H., Zhi-Shan, Z., Xin-Rong, L., 2010.
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Sustainable Land Use and Ecosystem - unesdoc - Unesco
Chun-E He, Xin Wang, Xuejun Liu, Andreas Fangmeier, and Fusuo Zhang .... 3 Humboldt University Berlin, Institute of Biology, Chausseestrasse 117, 10115 Berlin, ... Division Plant Nutrition, Karlrobert-Kreiten-Straße 13, D 53115, Germany ..... effects of land use changes on the economy, society and environment, and ...
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Climate Change Impacts on the Tibetan Plateau. - The Bridge Fund
The major cause is the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. ... 3. A Changing Climate. 4. Global Impact of Climate Change. 6. The Water Towers of Asia. 10.
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here - Department of Architecture - National University of Singapore
Dec 23, 2015 ... Kah Ling Sheralyn, Li Jin Mu, Ye Zi (Co-tutoring with Ng Wai Keen) ... for 2011 SILA Gold Award: Planting Design Category, 'Backyard Network For Cycling', Hoo Xin Yu ... MLA year 3 Landscape Focused design studio coordinator, 2015– ... Deforestation in a Tropical Compact City Part B: Urban Ecological.
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Socioeconomic vulnerability in China's hydropower development
Fa Bu Yi Cao Zhi Guo Ji”, China Economics Weekly, 2008, March 31.] reports ... We then describe the socioeconomic effects of population displacement ... E-mail addresses:[email protected] (P.H. Brown),[email protected] (D. Magee), .... 3. Twelve hydropower bases identified for development in 1989. Sources: China  ...
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Effects of smoking and solid-fuel use on COPD, lung cancer, and
Oct 4, 2008 ... deaths from these diseases in developing countries.3,4 ... To estimate the proportional effects of future smoking ..... household energy in China, deforestation and policies to reduce and ..... cancer (D) under combined scenarios of smoking and solid fuel use ..... Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 2004;.
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September 2015 News from the International Biochar Initiative
Sep 1, 2015 ... Synergistic Effect of Rhizobia and Biochar on Growth and Physiology of. Maize ... Agricultural Research; http://pubs.sciepub.com/wjar/3/4/5; DOI ...
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2 , HONG WANG - American Journal of Botany
Oct 14, 2014 ... and Dr. Xin-Ming Zhang of the Southwest Forest University for wasp ... taxa as model systems to understand the patterns and consequences of pollinator deficit to crops. ..... Floral visitors were observed for 3 d from 10:00 to 18:00 hours. .... ( Photo by Dr. Zhi-Kun Wu.) ... lective deforestation by fellow villagers.
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Preparation Instructions on Green Bond Endorsed Project - ICMA
with marked environmental benefits and positive spillover effects. iii. Being simple ... Industrial Sectors for the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution (Gong Xin Bu Jie [2014] ... Industrialization (Fa Gai Huan Zi [2014] 2423; National Development and Reform ..... Specific to construction D Production and .... deforestation of.
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Changes in soil organic carbon and nitrogen capacities of Salix
chronosequence in semi-arid degraded sandy land of the. 3. Gonghe Basin ... understand the effects of afforestation with Salix cheilophila for different ..... the mean annual number of windy days is 50.6 d and the primary wind direction is ...... Liu, S., Fu, B., Lü,Y., and Chen, L.: Effects of reforestation and deforestation on soil.
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Clear Genetic Structure of Pinus kwangtungensis - Annals of Botany
SHUANG TIAN1,3, LAI-CHUN LUO1, SONG GE2 and ZHI-YONG ZHANG1,2,*. 1Laborotary of ... population size might have been caused by recent events (e.g. deforestation, global warming, etc.). ...... Xin-Wei XU and Liang Tang, for help with data analyses, ... The genetic effects of forest fragmentation on five species.
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Sustainable Management of Soil and Water - Purdue University
Jan 6, 2010 ... Dr. Julie D. Jastrow (USA) ... production, (3) ecological foundations of water resources and ... land use, which can have adverse consequences for agricultural ... watershed and their associated environmental risk” by Xing-Mei Liu and ..... flooding and soil erosion; land use (deforestation and urbanization) ...
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Direct energy consumption associated emissions by rural-to-urban
[3] Conversion factors are coefficients that transform mass or volume units to energy .... Chase R E, Duszkiewicz G J, Jensen T E, Lewis D, Schlaps E J, Weibel A T, Mulawa ... Uihlein J P (2004) The effect of fuel sulfur on NH3 and other emissions from ... Fu X, Wang S, Zhao B, Xing J, Cheng Z, Liu H, Hao J ( 2013) Emission ...
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how human behavior can adversely affect the ecological environment than ... tered habitats, near-total deforestation, rampant overfishing, depletion of ... Page 3 ... ment relative to other issues, and, (d) very importantly, their associated ..... Beijing ju min huan bao tai du he huan bao xing wei de she kuai xue fen xi [The.
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land use change and wildlife distribution modeling in the - ITTO
5.3.3 GIS Training 3: GIS - Wildlife Distribution Modeling 73. 6. Conclusions ... d) Predicted land uses for sustainable development and limited resources .... Lao PDR (Phou Xing Thong and Dong Khanthung (NBCA), covering approximately ... The predicted deforestation would cause negative impacts on wildlife distribution.
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Here - Sembcorp Marine Ltd
Feb 13, 2014 ... Chow Xin Heng, Sim Yong Hwui ... Leong Zi Wei, Douglas Cheah .... (D). TERTIARY LEVEL. Prizes. School. Title of Project. Participants .... 3. Avoid water wastage that happens when plants are watered with a hosepipe. ..... which raise issues such as deforestation, water pollution, impact on biodiversity,.
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Shillllillg Bllllll'fll slmlegies ill developing Bflllllllifls - World Health
2.1.3 Constituents of the smoke . .... States of America . Professor Weng Xin-Zhi, Deputy Director, Beijing Red Cross Chao-yang Hos- pital, Beijing, China , ... Mr D . Deane, Area Representative, The Pathfinders Fund, Chéne-Bougeries, Swit- zerland ... not only to highlight the harmful health effects of smoking as they relate to ...
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