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Flemion based actuator for mechanically controlled microwave switch
A simple mechanical switch based on a flemion actuator is prepared and tested as a ... Smart Structures and Materials 2003: Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD),. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Editor, Proceedings of SPIE Vol.
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A Flemion-based actuator with ionic liquid as solvent - University of
Mar 9, 2007 ... actuation between Flemion and Nafion is the back relaxation, ..... Kuga Y 2003 Flemion based actuator for mechanically ... SPIE—Int. Soc. for.
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Design of membrane actuator based on ferromagnetic shape
Oct 13, 2005 ... AFC can be achieved by a synthetic jet actuator injecting high momentum ... Keywords: Synthetic jet actuator; Hybrid mechanism; Composite; Shape ..... diaphragm, Proc. of SPIE 5761 (2005) 233–243. ... AIAA 41 (2) (2003) 240–247. .... hydrogels such as Nafion and Flemion, and electrochromic polymers.
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Experimental Study of Nafion- and Flemion-based Ionic Polymer
Smart Structures and Materials 2003: Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD), edited by Yoseph Bar-Cohen, proceedings of SPIE Vol.
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Comparative experimental study of ionic polymer-metal composites
1 MAY 2003 ... Nafion- and Flemion-based IPMCs in various cation forms, seeking to understand the .... For Flemion-based IPMCs, a different actuation ...... IPMC as Actuators of Planetary Mechanisms,” Proc. SPIE,. 3987, 140-146 (2000). 12.
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Controlled actuation of Nafion-based Ionic Polymer-metal - Center of
Experimental observations for Flemion-based IPMCs [Nemat-Nasser and Wu, 2003] show that the initial actuation towards the ... actuation [Nemat-Nasser and Zamani, 2003]. Another ... edited by Yoseph Bar-Cohen, proceedings of SPIE Vol .
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Mechanically Steerable Antennas Using Dielectric Phase - Microsoft
be inexpensive, current antennas which use the eletro-mechanical actuators are usually bulky and .... 2. M. Le Guilly, C. Xu, V. Cheng, M. Taya, L. Opperman, and Y. Kuga, "Flemion based actuator for mechanically controlled microwave switch," SPIE Meeting, Smart Structure and. Materials, San Diego, CA, March 2-6, 2003.
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Freeform Fabrication of Ionomeric Polymer-Metal Composite Actuators
Aug 3, 2005 ... Ionomeric polymer-metal composite (IPMC) actuators are a type of soft ... 2003) and biomedical devices (Soltanpour 2001; Shahinpoor 2002; .... commercially produced ionomers are available (e.g. Nafion from DuPont Inc., Flemion from ...... Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical.
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Artificial Muscles - University of British Columbia
The performance of the emerging polymer actuators exceeds that of natural muscle in ..... However, in Flemion-based IPMCs under the same circumstances, the .... Pei, Q., et al., PROCEEDINGS of SPIE THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ... Cheng, H., Zhang, Q.M., Jakli, Antal, Advanced Functional Materials ( 2003), 13,.
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2 - tsiam 2013
Apr 2, 2007 ... that fall under this category are dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs), .... 2002, 2003 SPIE, respectively. ..... However, in Flemion-based IPMCs.
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Bio-inspired design of tactile sensors based on ionic polymer - ICCM
Keywords: IPMC, Flemion, bio-inspired, tactile sensor, array ... actuation and sensing systems, we can learn about their energy-conservative sensing and actuation ..... Actuator and Devices, 5051, San Diego, CA, 2003), pp.54,65. 8. Junker ... Sensors Based on Electroactive Polymer Composites, Proceedings of SPIE-The.
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WorldWide Electroactive Polymers (EAP) Newsletter
EAP actuators to allow controlling the angle of each of its four fins and thus .... Since 2003, he worked as. PhD student at ... He is an active member of our SPIE' s EAPAD community since .... Wang J., C. Xu, M. Taya and Y. Kuga, “A Flemion-.
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Novel Actuators for Haptic Displays based on Electroactive - inspire
of actuators for haptic feedback devices based on electroac- tive polymers, which ... VRST'03, October 1-3, 2003, Osaka JAPAN. Copyright 2003 ..... Nafion, Flemion. Dupont, Asahi ..... Polymers, Procedings of the sPIE Smart Materials,. 2000.
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An integrated electroactive polymer sensor-actuator - College of
Feb 22, 2016 ... actuation and sensing dynamics, and perform experiments to identify their .... sheet (Nafion or Flemion) that is coated with conductive ...... SPIE 3669. 369–76 ... [15] Shahinpoor M 2003 Ionic polymer-conductor composites as.
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1 - ESA
Nov 30, 2006 ... Next, we describe IPMC materials working as sensors and actuators and .... porous ion fluorinated polymer, like Nafion®, Flemion®, Teflon® ..... Y.Bar-Cohen , Smart Structures and Materials 2003, Proceedings of SPIE Press, ...
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PDF (Author's version) - OATAO (Open Archive Toulouse Archive
and verify the characteristics of ionic polymer–metal composite actuators experimentally and .... 2006; Kim et al., 2007; Nemat-Nasser and Wu, 2003; ...... In: Proceedings of SPIE. 6524 ... Nafion-and Flemion-based ionic polymer metal compo-.
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Smart materials for active noise and vibration reduction - DLR
Key issue for smart materials is the actuator performance. ..... manufactured by Du Pont) and Flemion® (perfluorocaboxylate manufactured by ..... dielectric elastomer actuation', Proc. of SPIE Smart Structures and Materials: ... 143-158 ( 2003).
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Swimming like algae: biomimetic soft artificial cilia - damtp
Oct 24, 2012 ... tation of artificial cilia, based on a biomimetic planar actuator using .... thin (,0.5 mm) Nafion or Flemion membrane, with chemi- ...... Jung K, Nam J, Choi H. 2003 Investigations on ... SPIE Electroactive Polymer Actuators and.
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Design and Modelling of Electroactive Polypyrrole Actuators and
actuation response inherent to conductive polymer trilayer actuators. The main contri- ...... aniline conductive polymers', SPIE Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EA-. PAD) 2007 6524 ... provided by Kim and Shahinpoor (2003). 2.2.2 IPMC ... In Flemion based IPMC, the relaxation phase occurs toward the anode ...
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dissertationes mathematicae universitatis tartuensis 56 - Tartu Ülikool
2 The construction of an IPMC actuator and its measurement methodology .. 21 ..... (Nafion/Flemion) and electrodes (precious metals like platinum, gold, etc.) ... fishes – announced by EAMEX, Japan, at the SPIE's EAPAD 2003 Conference.
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A Linear Actuator from a Single Ionic Polymer-Metal - Free
Keywords: polymer composite, IPMC, linear actuator, buckled beam. 1. ..... sheet of polymer material (I), such as Nafion or Flemion, and chemically depositing gold or .... Y. Bar-Cohen (ed.,) Proceedings of the SPIE, 5051, 477-485, (2003). 4.
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JSIR 68(1) 23-28.pdf
EAPs are utilized as actuators in micro gripper and micromanipulator in micro robotics activities. Remote center ... polymers such as Nafion®, Flemion®, Teflon ® and their modifications18,19. ..... composite (IPMC), in Proc SPIE Smart Struct & Mater Symp, ... ethylene glycol as solvent, J Smart Struct Mater, (2003) 50-51.
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Electromechanical Characterization and Locomotion Control of
Sep 6, 2013 ... displacement rate of the actuator at multiple frequencies. This linearity is ..... Pt. These conclusions provide Flemion-Au with a better curvature ...
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