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Partition Testing vs. Random Testing: The Influence of Uncertainty
cient or not to use randomly generated test data (Beizer [1]). While in ... Hamlet and Taylor [14] considered these results counter- intuitive. ... pointed in the same direction again: A clear superiority of ... probability of partition testing is always the same as that of .... the failure domain (provided that it is not empty) by some test ...
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Object distance and its application to adaptive random testing of
the testing of today's object-oriented programs requires a more general notion ... and use it to generalize Adaptive Random Testing to such inputs. The resulting ...
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according to a random sampling scheme, while partition testing refers to a family of testing ... tional set-up costs involved in partition testing may not justify its use. ... tion of the input domain and the use of appropriate sampling schemes. If one ... Again, we get simple random testing within each stratum as a special case of.
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Subdomain (Partition) Testing Abstract 1 Introduction
Dick Hamlet ... (Again, the situation is idealized because typically no ... The results of theoretical comparison with random testing are summarized in Section 5. Conclusions as to when to use subdomain testing and what may be .... should be, there is disagreement: some say that no result always signifies ...... The current.
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Partition Testing versus Random Testing: the In uence of Uncertainty
question whether it is e cient or not to use randomly generated test data (see, e.g. ,. 1]). While in the ... Their results pointed in the same direction again: A clear superiority ... ability of partition testing is always the same as that of random testing. .... that it is not empty) by some test case: If there is a fault in P, at least one of the.
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Provable Improvements on Branch Testing - CiteSeerX
following sense: a test suite selected by independent random selection of one ... detect a fault as a test suite similarly selected using C2. ... Hamlet 13] pointed out that it is possible for C1 to subsume C2, yet for some test ... not a mere theoretical curiosity, but one that occurs with real testing criteria and real .... Again the test.
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One Evaluation of Model-Based Testing and its Automation
at random, and with dedicated functional test selection criteria. Other suites were .... benefits of using explicit models for testing as opposed to not using them.
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Finding Faults: Manual Testing vs. Random+ Testing vs. User Reports
Although random testing is only one trend in current re- search, it is ... In the experiment presented here, we used the AutoTest tool [30] for ... uncovered by manual testing, plus some. ... 2 Background .... faults in real-world software, this is not always possible. ..... invalid and try again to satisfy the routine's precondition by.
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Random Testing of Interrupt-Driven Software - School of Computing
random testing to interrupt-driven software does not work: some randomly generated interrupt schedules violate sys- tem semantics, causing spurious failures.
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Path-oriented random testing - CiteSeerX
efficiently a path-oriented random test data generator by minimiz- ing the number ... domain, path testing consists in selecting at least one test datum ... Section 3 recalls some background on .... ing to our knowledge, it has not yet been used in random testing. .... Consider again the triangle example and the constraint set. > 0.
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Title Proportional sampling strategy: A compendium and some
on the fault-detecting effectiveness of partition and random testing, and in ... 2.1 Background ... Hamlet and Taylor, 1990; Weyuker and Jeng, 1991; Chen and Yu, 1996a). ... these assumptions have also been used in one way or another in many .... that this does not contradict with the possibility that only some inputs in the ...
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Finding Errors in .NET with Feedback-Directed Random Testing
Jul 24, 2008 ... gest that random testing is not as effective as other test generation ... NET Framework [1] used by thousands of developers and millions of end ...
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Axiom-Based Transformations: Optimisation and Testing
Keywords: rewrite rules, axioms, optimisation, testing, C++, concepts 1 ... Without concepts, one would have to just go ahead and use the indexing and ..... false do nothing – always fails all(s ) apply s to all children of the current node. s1 || s2 ..... This does not necessarily give better results than random testing, though [11].
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Establishing Flight Software Reliability: Testing - Klaus Havelund
1 NAND flash is named for the use of the logical NAND operation, as opposed to ... practical point of view: why did we select certain verification and testing approaches, ..... The earliest model checking algorithms [38] were applied to software, but it is, again, .... Indeed, Hamlet himself does not argue that “only random testing.
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An Experimentation with Statistical Testing - LAAS
Statecharts; its efficiency was compared to the one of random testing, using two ... are behaviour models that may be used to describe some software functions. State ... particular test input values chosen than on the criterion retained [Hamlet 89]. ... cope with current (imperfect but not irrelevant) criteria and compensate their ...
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Evaluating Testing Methods by Delivered Reliability - CiteSeerX
However, debug methods tend to ignore random selection of test data from ... nding probability, the probability that a testset will detect at least one failure, as ... bug testing is generally not used at all, particularly by those doing the development. .... is motivated by a fault perceived by the debugging team in response to some.
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Lack of Spatial Indicators in Hamlet
we uncovered some movements that actors performed that could not be explained by the annotations or ba- ... tors and directors use to control movement on the stage (Tal- bot and Youngblood 2013). ... The context of the speech and the characters were iden- ..... or even a random classification, as can be seen in Table 1.
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Efficiency and rent seeking in local government - IMF
Feb 28, 2005 ... context of the decentralization in India. ... of the public goods (the village within the GP, and the hamlet within the village) ... Because reserved constituencies were randomly ... government paid teachers or health workers, but in some states .... In column 1, we display the normalized share in GP that were not ...
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A Generic Synthesisable Test Bench - The Computer Laboratory
To generate sample test data we use random testing. Although ... of this paper is to illustrate these benefits in the context of ... some hot bit in the input is isolated, not necessarily the first one. However, for .... Once again, we pass the specification to BlueCheck: ... they are always invoked, regardless of the current state of the.
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Predicting Dependability by Testing
software testing theory,. (ultra) reliability, sensitivity y, self-checking, dependability y. 1 .... Testing. Background. Terminology. A testis a single value of program input, ... have no unique characterization. In practice, software fails for some testset, ... random redundant computations. Even if these make use of the ...... D. Hamlet.
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