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1 The Modis Land Cover And Land Cover Dynamics Products Ah Strahler Pi - [Full Version]
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1 The Modis Land Cover And Land Cover Dynamics Products Ah Strahler Pi - Full Download
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1 The Modis Land Cover And Land Cover Dynamics Products Ah Strahler Pi - [Complete Version]
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Land Cover, Phenology, Leaf-Area Index, PAR Fraction Absorption
Sep 16, 2003 ... ... 2330–km swath. – Repeat: 2-day global repeat, 1-day or less poleward of 30° lat. ... The MODIS Land Cover Product ... MOD12Q2: Land Cover Dynamics. A.H. Strahler (PI), Mark Friedl, Xiaoyang Zhang, and John Hodges.
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The MODIS BRDF/Albedo Product: Global Bidirectional Reflectance
... (to come). □ Related to land cover and can be used in land-cover type inference ..... Products at 1km: MOD43B1: MODIS/Terra BRDF/Albedo Model-1 16-Day L3 Global 1km ISIN* Grid ... Dynamics. A.H. Strahler (PI), Mark Friedl, Xiaoyang Zhang, and John Hodges .... EVI shows better dynamic range, less saturation. 47 ...
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Mark Friedl's CV - Boston University
Jun 30, 2015 ... 1. Using MODIS to Monitor Dynamics in Land Cover and Phenology at ... Vegetation phenology and enhanced vegetation index products from ... Eurasia, Olga Krankina PI, Mark Friedl (and seven others) co-investigator. ... Xiaowen Li, Principal Investigator, M.A. Friedl and A.H. Strahler, Co-Investigators,.
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original version - MDPI
Feb 13, 2014 ... Therefore, the land cover dynamics derived from the .... 2.2.1. The MODIS Land Cover Dynamics Product (MCD12Q2) ..... Oi is the satellite-derived phenometrics, Mi is the model-derived phenometric, Pi is the predicted ..... Zhang, X.; Friedl, M.A.; Schaaf, C.B.; Strahler, A.H.; Liu, Z. Monitoring the response of.
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Download as a PDF - Treesearch
from reference maps and - 1-km resolution MODIS Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance ... region and compared the results to current MODIS land cover maps. .... vegetation and land cover products (e.g. land cover and ..... D., Strahler, A.H., Woodcock, C.E., Gopal, S., Schneider, A., ... Carbon dynamics in peatlands and other.
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Curriculum Vitae - Department of Geographical Sciences
Zhu, X., Liang, S., B. Jiang, (2012), Land Cover and Land Use Changes, .... Radiation from MODIS Data Products by Merging Multiple Models, Journal of .... using dynamic harmonic regression model, Journal of Remote Sensing, 14(1):23 -37 ..... Jin, Y., C. Schaaf, F. Gao, X. Li, A. H. Strahler, W. Lucht and S. Liang, ( 2003), ...
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Curriculum Vitae - Department of Geographical Sciences
the land cover of Africa using 250 meter MODIS data, graduated. .... Strahler, A. H., L. Boschetti, G. M. Foody, M. A. Friedl, M. C. Hansen, M. Herold, ... global land cover products, 2000, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 21, 1365- 1374. .... global land dynamics with Landsat data, Michigan Tech University, Ann Arbor, ...
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Land Surface Temperature Measurements from EOS MODIS - NASA
P.I.'s Address: ... 1. Land Surface Temperature Measurements from EOS MODIS Data ... It is difficult to validate the daytime LST product over land sites rather than .... cover types in each MODIS pixel through TIR BRDF and emissivity modeling ...... J. S. and A. H. Strahler, ''Feature selection and land cover classification of a ...
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Evaluation of the onset of green-up in temperate deciduous
MODIS Global Land Cover Dynamics MOD12Q2 provides estimates of onset of green-up dates which .... using two methods, one based on a site-specific NDVI time- constant ... (2006), several standard MODIS products with different spatial and temporal ..... between predictions (Pi) and observations (Oi). The RMSE was.
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CV - beeoda
P. Olofsson – Curriculum Vitae. 1. Last updated: June 21, 2016 ... Including Land Cover Change in Greenness Trend Analysis Based on ... Xin, Q., Olofsson, P., Woodcock, C. E. and Zhu, Z. (2013) Fusion of MODIS and Landsat data .... terrestrial carbon dynamics in the Black Sea Region. .... Uncertainty in Map Products.
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Improved land cover mapping using aerial photographs - De Gruyter
and Geoinformatics, University of Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1, Debre- cen, H-4032 ... Altogether, satellite based landcover mapping is a well known issue .... (A2), Submers or emerse rooted pi- oneer plant ..... tion 5 global land cover dynamics product. (2010) .... [51] Strahler A.H., The use of prior probabilities in maximum like-.
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Radiative forcing bias of simulated surface albedo - Biogeosciences
Apr 15, 2015 ... Open–Forest) connected to land use and land cover changes .... both forest and open areas are compared to daily MODIS ... (BRDF) product with a 500 by 500m spatial resolution ... wind speed (ms−1), mean and maximum near-surface air ... needleleaf species in the region included Scots Pine (Pi-.
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climatological characteristics of ndvi time series - PoPuPS
Low resolution satellite imagery is one of the main sources of information. In this paper, ... Vegetation dynamic, climate variability, low resolution imagery, geostatistics, time series analysis. Résumé .... MODIS Land Cover products, MODIS LC, have been acquired in ..... Muchoney, D. Strahler, A.H., Woodcock, C.E., Gopal,.
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Sub-Pixel Classification of MODIS EVI for Annual Mappings of
Feb 15, 2016 ... multi-temporal analysis of land cover dynamics. ... a sub-pixel classification of ISAs using MODIS EVI data using a RF regression during ... This research used 16-days composite EVI data provided by the MOD13Q1 product (Version 5) .... Ii pi. (1) where Area is the total area of ISA, n is the number of pixels ...
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI.com
Jun 17, 2015 ... cropland class is often poorly captured in global land cover products due to its dynamic ... serve as a mask to isolate agricultural land for (1) time-series analysis for ... as GLC2000 [7], GlobCover 2005/2009 [8] and MODIS Land Cover [9], which ... heterogeneous and dynamic intrinsic nature of the world's ...
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On scales and dynamics in observing the environment - Taylor
general, for any specific spatial frequency of land cover, at a fixed level of ... a more complex approach, Woodcock and Strahler (1987) degraded a relatively fine ... One relatively common form of multi-scale analysis is upscaling, whereby detailed ...... continuity of MODIS terrestrial photosynthesis products using an inter-.
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download pdf, 1.0 Mb - Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
based on an existing 1 km AVHRR normalized difference vegetation index ... generally realistic estimate of current landcover at coarse spatial resolution.
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Radiative forcing over the conterminous United States due to
Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) snow- free broadband ... States due to contemporary land cover land use albedo change, ... Figure 1 and cover 43% of the CONUS; the classified ... where, for each LCLU class i, pi is the LCLU class area ..... Jin, Y., C. B. Schaaf, F. Gao, X. Li, A. H. Strahler, X. Zeng, and R. E..
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Curriculum Vitae - Hunter College, Department of Geography - The
Page 1 ... 2004-2005 Environment and climate impacts of urban land use in New York City: A satellite remote sensing prospective, PI: W. Ni-Meister, CUNY Program for ... 2010 Yang, W., W. Ni-Meister, N. Kiang, P. R. Moorcroft, A. H. Strahler and A. .... inputs from ICESat, SRTM and MODIS for a dynamic global terrestrial ...
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multi-satellite earth science data record for studying global
Abstract—One of the stated goals of NASA Making Earth Science Data ... ESDR quality record of land surface vegetation index and phenology by ... the study of vegetation dynamics, changes and trends in response to change ... Although, the project will eventually use data from the AVHRR, MODIS, and .... Strahler, JCF.
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