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Geodesic convolutional neural networks on Riemannian manifolds
Nov 19, 2015 ... Michael M. Bronstein† ... 1. Introduction. Feature descriptors are ubiquitous tools in shape analysis. Broadly speaking, a ... shapes, Litman and Bronstein [29] showed that HKS and ... Heat diffusion on manifolds is governed by the diffusion ..... deformable shapes using localized spectral convolutional net-.
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Diffusion-geometric maximally stable component detection in
[email protected]. School of Electrical ... Keywords: deformable shapes; feature detection; diffusion geometry ... as a way to construct global shape descriptors that can be effi- .... the discrete heat kernel ht(v1, v2) and the associated diffusion geometry .... tected as maximally stable, only the bigger one is kept. 3 ...
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Affine-invariant diffusion geometry for the analysis of deformable 3D
Affine-invariant diffusion geometry for the analysis of deformable 3D shapes. Dan Raviv ... Michael M. Bronstein ... 1. Introduction. Diffusion geometry is an umbrella term referring to ge- ..... heat kernel, ht(x, x), as a local descriptor of the shape,.
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Intrinsic Shape Context Descriptors for Deformable Shapes
Michael M. Bronstein. † ... descriptors such as heat kernel signatures. ... Figure 1. Our Intrinsic Shape Context (ISC, right) descriptor is constructed as a histogram of some field, ... broadly known as diffusion geometry has become growingly.
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Discrete minimum distortion correspondence problems - HAL-Inria
Jul 7, 2010 ... Chaohui Wang, Michael M. Bronstein, Nikolaos Paragios ... destinée au dépôt et `a la diffusion de documents ... certain structure, and one attempts to find the matching with smallest structure distor- ..... [43] introduced intrinsic descriptors based on multi-scale heat kernels, re- ..... deformable shape matching.
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Optimal Intrinsic Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shape Analysis
OPTIMAL INTRINSIC DESCRIPTORS. 1. Optimal Intrinsic Descriptors for Non- Rigid Shape .... place heat diffusion by a different physical model, and analysed the behaviour of a quantum ... in the area of deformable shape analysis. Taking a ..... [3] Alexander M Bronstein, Michael M Bronstein, and Ron Kimmel. Numerical  ...
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pdf, 3 MiB - Infoscience - EPFL
Michael M. Bronstein† ... Figure 1: ShapeNet applied to M = 150-dimensional geometry vectors (input layer) of a human shape, .... 2011], optimal spectral descriptors [Litman and Bronstein 2014], ... Heat diffusion on manifolds is governed by the diffusion equa- tion, ...... descriptors for deformable shape correspondence.
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3D features, surface descriptors, and object descriptors - CiteSeerX
Sep 6, 2010 ... Michael M. Bronstein ... one is able to perform object analysis. ..... which governs the conduction of heat u on the surface X (here, ∆X denotes ..... case of non-rigid or deformable shapes, which includes a wide range of shape.
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A correspondence-less approach to matching of deformable shapes
Jan 29,[email protected]. Abstract. ... partial similarity, diffusion geometry, Laplace-Beltrami operator, shape descriptors, heat kernel signature, Mumford-Shah regularization. 1 ... Bronstein et al. ... The solution of (1) corresponding to a point initial condition f(0,x) = δ(x, y),.
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Shape Google: a computer vision approach to invariant shape retrieval
Michael M. Bronstein ... is the case of non-rigid or deformable shapes, in which the ... these ideas is Video Google,1 a web application for object ... robust feature descriptors similar to SIFT to be so ubiqui- ... on the heat kernel on the shape, which is invariant to iso- ... to diffusion geometry [8] and spectral methods for shape.
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Volumetric Heat Kernel Signatures - Computer Science Department
Oct 25, 2010 ... Michael M. Bronstein ... Alexander M. Bronstein ... shape analysis tasks including deformable shape compari- ... invariant volumetric descriptors, and show their utility in ... Volumetric Laplacian, Heat Kernel Signature. 1. INTRODUCTION ... heat diffusion on the shape boundary by diffusion inside the.
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Deformable Shape Retrieval by Learning Diffusion Kernels
Michael M. Bronstein3, and Ron Kimmel1. 1. Technion,[email protected] ... and construct shape distribution descriptors [16,10,5 ], define spectral ... Heat diffusion on surfaces is governed by the heat equation,.
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Equi-affine Invariant Geometry for Shape Analysis - Computer
Michael M. Bronstein · Dan Waisman · Nir Sochen · .... 1 Diffusion distances from the horse's abdomen (colored red) are invariant under equi-affine stretching ...
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A Gromov-Hausdorff Framework with Diffusion Geometry for
Michael M. Bronstein ... Non-rigid shape matching Diffusion geometry Gromov- Hausdorff distance ... IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 16(1), 188–197. ... Hamza, A. B., & Krim, H. (2005) Probabilistic shape descriptor for triangulated surfaces. ... In Proc. non-rigid shapes and deformable image alignment (NORDIA ).
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Spectral Generalized Multi-Dimensional Scaling arXiv - arXiv.org
Nov 12, 2013 ... mapping one metric space into another, that is, multidimensional ... Matching non -rigid or deformable shapes is a challenging problem involving ... metric spaces with either geodesic [35, 13] or diffusion [8, 18, 14] ...... by their heat kernel. ... [12] Alexander M Bronstein, Michael M Bronstein, and Ron Kimmel.
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paper - The University of Hong Kong
Apr 20, 2013 ... Nonrigid or deformable 3D objects are common in many applica- tion domains. ... 1. INTRODUCTION. Content-based 3D object retrieval facilitates the search for de- ... cess of the SIFT feature descriptor in image retrieval, researchers ..... [6] Michael Bronstein and Iasonas Kokkinos. ... on heat diffusion.
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Shape google: Geometric words and expressions for invariant - LIX
MICHAEL M. BRONSTEIN ... Using multiscale diffusion heat kernels as “ geometric words,” we construct ... deformable shapes, which includes a wide range of shape transfor- ... A. M. Bronstein et al. Fig. 1. Examples of invariant image (top) and shape ... Video Google makes use of feature detectors and descriptors to rep-.
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Shape Retrieval on Non-rigid 3D Watertight Meshes - Information
On the one hand, deformable objects are widely-seen ... ing [BBK08], Heat Kernel diffusion [SOG09], Laplace- ... invariant 3D shape descriptor can be formulated as a beauti- ...... Michael Bronstein, Robert Sumner, and Daniela Giorgi for.
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Contributions to 3D-shape matching, retrieval and classification
M Jean-Philippe Vandeborre Maître de Conférences, LIFL/TELECOM Lille 1 ( Examinateur). Thèse d'Hedi ... members; Michael M. Bronstein (Professeur, Università della Svizzera. Italiana) ... Colot “Deformable Shape Retrieval using Bag-of-Feature tech- ..... tion of 3D-object patches, (b) Assigning patch descriptors to a set ...
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A Fully Hierarchical Approach for Finding Correspondences in Non
1. Introduction. The problem of finding correspondences in 3D shapes ... properties of diffusion-based descriptors in the context of ... Bronstein et al. .... sion geometry: HKS (heat kernel signatures [16]) and WKS ..... We thank Michael Bronstein for his extremely useful ... A game-theoretic approach to deformable shape.
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