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1 62 Fornext Loops General Form Of A Fornext Loop Nested Fornext - [Full Version]
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1 62 Fornext Loops General Form Of A Fornext Loop Nested Fornext - Full Download
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1 62 Fornext Loops General Form Of A Fornext Loop Nested Fornext - [Complete Version]
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RPL Manual - portcommodore.com
Example 1: Two Forms of an Unsigned-agompare Routine “H.. ... Example 3: AiProgram Using Doubly—Nested For/Next Loops 24 .... general], BASIC is better for "quick and dirty" jobs and jobs ..... Start for/next loop, from TOS to NOS, pop TOS and NOS ..... an input string is over 62 characters long, stack overflow is.
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Bound Analysis of Imperative Programs with the Size-change
form (DNF). SCA is well-known ... nested loops and loop phases – and not from inherent non-linear behavior as in numeric ..... After the first foreach-loop, Algorithm 1 has summarized all inner loops, not only the ... infinitely many disjunctions and is not computable in general. In contrast to ..... In CAV, pages 51 –62,. 2009. 13.
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Casio_Picaxe_manual.doc. - Nexus Research Group
BASIC: Goto/Lbl, Do/lpWhle, For/Next, and While/WhileEnd. ... 1->A. Do //Start of the Do/LpWhle loop. A+1->A. LpWhle A<100 //Loops while A is less ... In general, the best time to use a if statement is when you have at least two lines ... first loop. Nesting also applies to selection statements, you can nest if or => inside each.
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Value Types - Ben Van Vliet
Aug 26, 2009 ... 0 or 1. Dim m_BuySell As Boolean. Char. Any Unicode character ..... be the symbol for the General Electric November 20.00 calls. ... NET provides a number of different types of loops that you can use to ... The For...Next loop executes a series of statements a specific number of times. .... 4.6 Nested Loops.
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Chapter 3, Statements and Control Flow
C++ by Dissection: Statements and Control Flow3.1 Expression, Block, and Empty ... exactly the same result as the nested block example in the preceding section. .... Note the absence of semicolons in the general form of the if statement. ..... 3.5.1 Problem Solving with Loops ... Statementnext // prepare for next iteration .
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OS/8 BASIC Reference Chapter - GRC.com
data output by the compiler into executable form and loads the result into memory . ... Figure 6-1 summarizes user actions implemented by the BASIC editor. .... BASIC is ready for next command. ..... The general format of BASIC statements ..... Lines 30 through 60 of the above program represent a loop nested within another ...
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Programming Excel/VBA Part II - City University
general intro to excel (anatomy of the window). • declaration ... Looping: There are two structures in VBA for this: Do ... Loop and For ... Next. • Do . ... Nesting DO .
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Loop Optimizations for a Class of Memory-Constrained Computations
1. Loop Tiling: There is significant scope for temporal reuse of data in the loops that ... The sequence of nested loops use temporary interme- .... First, we consider the most general form of a node in the ..... foreach permutation p of C. Indices ..... 62. N/A. 3.2 x108. 9.2 x109. N/A. Table 1: Performance data for the integrated ...
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PDF (457 K) - ScienceDirect
Dec 24, 2010 ... in general [1,2]), should be a very powerful tool when combined with a Computer Algebra System (CAS). .... need to support a non-trivial language (62 AST types) led to ..... Loops. Inert form has two kinds of loop, both variations of for loops. ... loops. 2 kinds: for and foreach, both with optional while condition.
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Tech Report: Compiling GreenMarl into GPS - Stanford PPL
Oct 30, 2012 ... 1. When implementing such multi-kernel algorithms using Pregel's ... mations to turn the original Green-Marl program into its equivalent Pregel-canonical form. ..... Essentially, each parallel Foreach loop that iterates over the vertices in the ..... The compiler identifies nested Foreach loops (i.e. neighborhood ...
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Speaking Stata: Rowwise - The Stata Journal
x61 x62 x63 x64 x65 x66 x67 x68 x69 x70 x71 x72 x73 x74 x75 x76 x77 x78 x79 ... The unab command does not require that the variable list fed to it is of simple form, ... The first time around the loop, for j equal to 1, Stata sees on the right- hand ... general approach to looping over variables would use foreach rather than ...
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
programs with general nestings of parallel and sequential loops. We present a .... loop nests in a canonical form consisting of a nest of fully per- ... Figure 1. The keyword forall indicates that the iterations of the loop can be executed in parallel. .... 2 62 kerC are said to be ..... foreach j 2Vc do kerCj := single loop constraint(j);.
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microBASIC - ClassicCMP
No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form ... This manual describes the Waterloo microBASlC processor in a general manner ... Nested Loops, QUlT Limitations. IF. ... _ _ _ _ 62. Command Language Reference Guide. 1. Commands _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . .... 6.1.1 FOR-NEXT Loops ... 6.1.3 LOOP-UNTIL.
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Command Scripts - Ampl
ampl: for {1..4} commands steelT.sa1; .... A more general script for generating the table is shown in Figure 13-2. ... Figure 13-2: Generating a formatted sales table with nested loops ... repeat statement that has one of the following forms: .... In the script of Figure 13-3, we can use an if command inside the repeat loop to test.
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An Overview of OpenMP - NCSA
Jun 13, 2011 ... Parallel regions can be nested, but support for this is ... Nested Parallelism Support/1 ... region to control the team size for next level of .... identical for both loops, there will not be a data race in this case for (i=0 .... Compiler forms a single loop and then parallelizes it ... Makes schedule(runtime) more general.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
To determine whether an array is privatizable in a loop, we analyze the array ... Gated Single Assignment (GSA) form of program is used for conditional .... 3.5.1 Path Expression as Gating Function . .... In general, this order is more restrictive than is necessary to guarantee ...... foreach statement S 2body(L) in rPostorder do.
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CSharp Coding Standards.pdf
Mar 15, 2007 ... Publication of the work or derivation of the work in any form is ... Table of Contents ii http://www.lance-hunt.net. Table of Contents. 1. .... 4.1 General. .... Do not modify enumerated items within a foreach statement. ..... Avoid hidden string allocations within a loop. ... Use loops or nested loops instead. 35.
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pdf format - ECLiPSe
We concentrate on general design and pro- gramming aspects, and ... 2.5.1 Making predicates available . ... 3.2.3 Nested structures vs. key lookup . ... 62. 6 Input/Output. 64. 6.1 Reading input data into data structures . .... C.3.1 Do Loops . ...... the do loop, the foreach keyword describes an action for each element of a list.
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FormCalc User Reference - Adobe
Nov 2, 2009 ... 1. Introducing FormCalc. 2. Building blocks. Expressions . ... This guide is intended for form developers using Designer ES2 who want to .... foreach ne var elseif func not while end ge null endfor gt or endfunc ... In general, each expression in the list resolves to a value, and the value of ...... “Eval” on page 62.
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Array Optimizations for High Productivity Programming Languages
specification of loop and array computations using regions and points. ... rivals the performance of hand-tuned code with explicit rank-specific loops and lower- ... 2.2.1 High Performance Fortran . ... 4.5 X10 General Array Conversion . ...... loops. Titanium has a foreach loop that performs iteration over arrays when given their.
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