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The cell Cycle and Circadian Clock A Tale of Two Cycles Eugin Destici
tive/Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (050-060-510). The ErasmusMC, the department of Cell Biology & Genetics and Roche Diagnostics. Nederland. ... Phase Resetting of the Mammalian Circadian Clock by DNA. Damage.
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SIRT1 Regulates Circadian Clock Gene Expression through PER2
Jul 24, 2008 ... 1Department of Molecular Biology, Sciences III, University of Geneva, 30, Quai Ernest Ansermet, CH-1211 Geneva-4, Switzerland ... DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2008.06. 050 ... CLOCK-BMAL1 in a circadian manner and promotes.
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Comparative Clocks
by biological clocks - in plants, fungi, bacteria and other animals. It is through a ... U. Albrecht (ed), The Circadian Clock, Protein Reviews 12, 157 ... 00000000 000 000% 0B 005 00000000002 5 $050 00 02 0 00 00 050 0000 02$ 02/.
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Conceptual Issues in
circadian clock is adaptive, he or she needs to understand the ecology of the organism because ... biology with observations about circadian rhythms. The goal of this ..... PAS is a dimerization domain common to 07'050/lltilll period and several ...
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Circadian Rhythm Genes CLOCK and PER3 Polymorphisms and
Mar 16, 2015 ... Clock genes regulate circadian rhythm and are involved in various physiological processes, including ..... The association of CLOCK or PER3 polymorphisms with biological ..... 10.1016/j.bbr.2014.05.050 PMID: 24893318. 43.
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Nuclear Receptor Links Circadian Clock to Metabolism - MCW
DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2006.06.050. SUMMARY ... coupling the peripheral circadian clock to diver- ..... The principal role of the biological clock is to entrain a tran-.
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Partitioning Circadian Transcription by SIRT6 Leads to Segregated
Jul 31, 2014 ... http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2014.06.050. SUMMARY ... the circadian clock and cellular metabolism was revealed by re- ports implicating the SIRT1 .... SIRT6 results in altered circadian biological function. Next, we focused ...
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Entrainment of breast (cancer) epithelial cells detects distinct
Jan 15, 2012 ... The cellular clock is based on a network of core clock genes, which drive the ...... Mammalian circadian biology: elucidating genome-wide levels of ... http://dx.doi. org/ 10.1016/j.cell.2006.06.050 [CrossRef], [PubMed], [Web of ...
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Full Text (PDF)
Jul 8, 2014 ... Valrose, 06108 Nice, France; bSystems Biology Centre, University of ... the cell cycle and circadian clock robustly phase lock each other in ...... for Scientific Research Grant 050-060-510 (to G.T.J.v.d.H.), and ANR Grant.
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Primate enamel evinces long period biological timing and regulation
Apr 21, 2012 ... circadian, biological clock cannot act as the mechanism by itself, because this timing is ..... was considered significant when pr0.050. 5. Results.
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circadian clock circuitry in colorectal cancer - Baishideng Publishing
Apr 21, 2014 ... Key words: Colorectal cancer; Circadian rhythm; Clock gene. Core tip: The biological clock drives crucial cell pro- ...... j.cell.2008.06.050].
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Pineal clock gene oscillation is disturbed in Alzheimer's disease
pineal clock that receives SCN input via a multisynaptic noradrenergic pathway. ... Key Words: circadian system clock gene vasopressin mRNA superchiasmatic ..... 93–050. 80 f. 18:15 122 1030 na. 02:45 Cardiac failure, epilepsy. 93–087. 81 m ..... biological clock of Alzheimer disease patients with and without depression.
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Two novel NAC transcription factors regulate gene expression and
Jan 10, 2015 ... 1National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing 102206, China and 2College of Life Sciences, Capital ... upregulated genes shared in jmj14 and NAC050/052- ... affects circadian clock-regulated gene expression and is in-.
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Omslag Koorengevel
The circadian pacemaker is an endogenous clock, which regulates oscilla- tions in most ... day, retinal light exposure synchronizes this 'biological clock' with the environmental ..... statistically significant differences (p = .050 and p = .031).
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Regulation of the Photosynthesis Rhythm in - Plant Physiology
A circadian rhythm of photosynthetic 02 evolution has been observed in ..... were not reproducible from experiment to experiment. IZ 2100 *. D 050. 2.00 o050 .... two photosystems may be subject to control by a biological clock. Since the site of  ...
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Larval Ethanol Exposure Alters Adult Circadian - Skidmore College
... adult circadian clock, and none have examined the effects of alcohol on clock function in Drosophila. ... developmental and behavioral correlates between larval ethanol exposure and the adult circadian clock in ... disruption of daily biological rhythms, including the ..... variance: F2,81 = 3.11, p =.050), and a Levene's test.
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Engineering and control of biological systems: A new way to tackle
May 10, 2012 ... The ongoing merge between engineering and biology has contributed to the emerging field of syn- ... http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.febslet.2012.04.050 ..... the circadian clock, and the cell cycle, essential for coordinating.
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Modelling and Analysis of the Feeding Regimen Induced - Plos
Mar 19, 2015 ... On the molecular level, the core circadian clock in most cells functions .... tational systems biology along with modelling and simulation have allowed the study of ab- ...... Cell 134: 317–328. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2008.06.050.
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Relationship between daylength and suicide in Finland - Journal of
Sep 23, 2011 ... physical or biological signals, besides the variation in daylight, may be involved. ... Keywords: circadian clock, suicide, light-dark transition, sunshine, ..... .050 .045 -.054 .043 .039-.048. T+. S+ .052 .040-.064 .055 .046-.065.
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circadian changes in susceptibility of young honeybee workers to
Biological rhythms are a physiological phenomena ... The origin of the occurrence of biological clocks is ... Sumi-Alpha 050 EC – an insecticide from the group.
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Regulatory principles and experimental approaches to the circadian
2Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, University of ... of clock mutant plants and light conditions, including discriminating circadian protocols ...
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Time of Day - Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Mar 1, 2013 ... Key words: Circadian rhythm, closed skill sports, gymnasts, motor tasks .... endogenous circadian phase of their biological clock. (Waterhouse ...
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Brain, Behavior, and Immunity: Diurnal cortisol rhythm as a predictor
Aug 3, 2012 ... Additional biological factors were chosen based on their relevance in cancer studies of the effects of the stress, sleep, and circadian rhythms (Cole and Sood, 2012; Antoni et al.,. 2006 ..... clock and the CAR response, we explored the predictive value of the CAR on ... with small cell lung cancer (p = .050).
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