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Easy to read novels for boys and girls from Rairarubia Books dealing with bullying, misbehavior, runaways, moral dilemmas, action-packed adventures, as well as a fantasy series. The award-winning stories entertain and encourage reading for middle-graders and young adults. Excellent additions to school and home libraries.


The Computer's Nerd

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The Computer's Nerd

The Computer's Nerd
by W. Royce Adams

Bullied and mistreated by three schoolmates, Arthur thinks the computer he receives from his parents with a strange program called The Game may be the answer to his problems. The Game allows him to secretly get even with his tormentors. But when the Game begins to go too far, Arthur finds himself in a moral dilemma.

A ForeWord Magazine Book-of -the -Year Finalist

Available in Trade Paperback, Hardcover, or special Library Case Binding with added information and a bibliography on combating bullying for parents or teachers.

"Highly recommended for all middle-grade students." -- Midwest Book Review

"…wonderful guidance about developing relationships with one's peers." -- Heartland Reviews

"…contains the underlying tone of decency." -- The Book Reader



Me & Jay

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Me & Jay

Me & Jay
by W. Royce Adams

Against their parents’ wishes, thirteen–year-old Geri Thomas and Jay Thornton discover adventures they never bargained for as they foolishly hop a freight train to take them up the river, accidentally start a grass fire, find themselves chased through a mammoth cave by two desperate men willing to do anything to keep the teens from telling what they’ve discovered.The hard way, they learn that bad decisions can have frightful consequences.

Writers Notes Magazine Legacy Award Winner
USABookNews.com Fresh Voices Award Winner

Available in Trade Paperback or special order hardcover library bound.
“Many will place this book upon their "Keeper" shelves. I sure will! My twelve-year-old son could hardly wait to get his hands on the book once I was finished. Perfect for fans of "Hardy Boys" and "Nancy Drew", or just for those who enjoy a lot of excitement in their stories! Highly recommended reading here! Don't miss this one! -- HUNTRESS BOOK REVIEWS (Reviewed by Detra Fitch)

“Mr. Adams has written himself a novel for young adults that they will surely love. I highly recommend this author! ” -- ASTORYWEAVER'S Book Reviews, Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese,



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by W. Royce Adams

A sequel to Me & Jay, young Jay is orphaned and “catches out” on a freight train to avoid placement in a foster home. Instead of a romantic hobo lifestyle, Jay discovers constant physical dangers, frequent humger, and the fear of being caught by train gangs or angry railroad police. He is forced to examine his personal values and the friendships he’s left behind.

USABookNews.com Best Books Award Finalist

Available in Trade Paperback or special order hardvocer library bound.

"A fascinating novel, the sequel to the noted author's ME & JAY. In this fast-moving story, Jay, 16, who is missing his friends and the loss of his mother, is on the run. He hops a freight train hoping to California. However, he discovers a dangerous new world of hobos, homeless and gangs of marauders. All this forces Jay to examine his personal values. Though labeled a young adult novel, it has greater appeal because of its unusual subject matter." -- Santa Barbara News-Press

"The author is highly experienced, a retired English professor and reading specialist….. He knows what will keep his readers and how to pull them through a story before they even realize they've read a book. We applaud his efforts! Four Hearts!" -- Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

The Rairarubia Tales
by W. Royce Adams

Rairarubia Books Rairarubia Books Rairarubia Books Rairarubia Books Rairarubia Books Rairarubia Books
Rairarubia (The Rairarubia Tales: Book 1)

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A six books fantasy/adventure series for 9-year olds and up, The Rairarubia Tales entertains and encourages young people to read. Fun, easy reading, full of suspense, each chapter ends with a type of cliffhanger, as does the end of each book as it opens the door for the next book in the series. When Molly Doogan asks her father to tell her a story, their combined imaginations create a mysterious, timeless land they call Rairarubia. But as Molly and her father develop the story over time, strange events and mysterious characters from Rairarubia begin slipping into Molly's life. Soon she finds herself traveling into the story, meeting her main characters, and actually becoming a part of the story!

IPPY AWARD Finalist,
Independent Publishers
Finalist Children/Young Adult,
ForeWord Magazine

All series books available in 6 X 9 Trade Paperback

“When Molly asks her father to tell a story to pass the time, he begins a tale about a young woman, Romey, who is captured by a great bird and taken to be tested by magical strangers in a timeless land called Rairarubia. The ongoing story soon takes on an eerie life of its own, haunting Molly during school and in her sleep. One day, items from Rairarubia--an arrowhead and pebbles--start appearing in her hand, and soon she finds herself traveling into the story itself. Is Molly going mad? Adams expertly balances Molly's "real" world with her alter ego in Rairarubia; both characters are likeable and fun. The concise descriptions of Romey's land are fashioned for the shorter attention spans of readers in fourth to seventh grade. Moral lessons about bravery and learning, add educational value to this fine escapist fantasy.“ -- Today’s Librarian

“From earliest times, storytelling has bonded parents and children; in a modern twist, father and daughter together have created a story that captures the imaginations of young readers. The Rairarubia Tales encourages the age-old connection between parent and child, speaker and listener, the known and the unknown". -- Sharon Dirlam, author, Beyond Siberia

“Rairarubia is one of those books that is equally loved by boys and girls! Every one of my students could relate to Molly's amazing adventures, the colorful characters, the puzzling riddles, the magic. This book is a gem, delivering humor and suspense.” -- Sue Perona, 5h grade teacher, Montain View School

“Raid On Rairarubia is a superbly written and original fantasy for young readers that continues the "Rairarubia Tales" series under the gifted authorship of Royce Adams. The two earlier, and highly recommended, titles in this outstanding series include Rairarubia and Return To Rairarubia.” -- Midwest Book Review

"The Ring From Rairarubia is an intriguing middle-grade fantasy with many good traits going for it. First, the relationship between Molly and Netty is realistic and syrupy, like may middle-grade character relationships can be. This is important to readers of this age group. It also portrayed Molly as a hesitant hero, which played off Netty's personality nicely and lent a bit of Harry Potter feel to her character. Obviously, kids will love this part of the story. Also important is the fact that this series, which young readers love, and I think will be intrigued enough to read all the books in the series. I really enjoyed the imaginative touches he author incorporated into the story, like he ring and the pebbles, and also I enjoyed the different characters, again, with Molly and Netty being my favorites. The ending was really exciting, but bittersweet, and kids will love the way the author makes them think Molly will never get to go back to Rairarubia, but then leaves he door open with the mysterious visit of a person named Richard wanting his ring. A great read for fantasy lovers!" -- Writer's Digest Book Awards Evaluation 2003

“A most engaging and well-written tale, sure to please young adults who have followed the impressively original series by Royce Adams." -- Children’s Bookwatch

"The author has done a great job of combining two different viewpoints of the same story. The twists in this story come even faster than the previous stories....I would highly recommend this series." -- JaKay Greer, McCarty Middle School